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Spread Positivity: Two Police Officers Helped A Homeless Woman Deliver A Baby On The Pavement. This Restores Our Faith In Humanity

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There is a saying that this is a ‘dog eat dog world’, and naturally I am not a fan of the connotation. Besides the fact that I am a dog lover, and it is offensive to hear a saying belittling their noble and loyal kind, it also seems kind of hypocritical of man to be claiming this. Considering, for as far as we can trace it, it has been a ‘man eats man’ kind of a world for all of us. Humanity was lost years ago and compassion is as rare to come across as a needle in a haystack. But even with those grim statistics, it is heartening to see that maybe, there is still a little bit of kindness out there in the hearts of people.

We are talking about the two brave police officials, Sub Inspector Priya Garud and Constable Asmita Jadhav who recently revived all of our hope into humanity by shielding and protecting a homeless woman who had given birth to a child right on the Metro Cinema pavement at Marine Lines in south Mumbai. Standing there, guarding her from the heavy downpour, the ants and crows, the two officials, even though they were only few hundred meters away from the hospital, helped the woman feel as comfortable as she could till the time an ambulance arrived. Which took 4 long hours to make an appearance.

Turns out, the sub-inspector Priya Garud had just gotten off her patrolling duty at 3 am and returned to the Azad Madan police station when she got a phone call about a woman crying unbearably near the Metro cinema. When Priya arrived at the scene with constable Asmita, they were surprised to find out that the woman had been crying in labour pain.

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Immediately calling for an ambulance and trying to connect to the neighbouring hospitals – Cama, JJ and St George, they were disappointed to get no response despite repeated calls for assistance. Garud also shared, “We requested some doctors from a hospital to accompany us to cut the cord, but they couldn’t leave their patients.”

As time went by, the woman had to deliver the baby right there on the pavement, as the two police officers kept guard and protected her from the rain as best as they could. Garud shared, “By then she had delivered. But we were not equipped to cut the umbilical cord and transporting her in a car in such a fragile condition seemed dangerous.” Meanwhile, another homeless woman confirmed how the woman would be seen living there with a man, but he was nowhere to be found at the time. They decided to wait out there till the ambulance arrived at 7 am, during which Jadav had gone to get a fresh bedsheet for the woman to help wrap the infant.

The police is looking for the man as of now, as the woman and baby are recuperating safely in the hospital. And had it not been for the vigilance and compassion of these brave police officers, things might just have gone south for the woman and her baby. Guess there is still goodness left in the world, and that is enough to keep most of us going.

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