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#SpreadPositivity: 24 Women Doctors From Kerala Made A Dance Video To Boost The Morale Of Their Fellow Medical Professionals And It’s So Beautiful

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When this lockdown was put into effect, everyone was motivated and enthused to get things done. I was all excited for this coronavirus lockdown because it felt everyone around the world was forced to stop living that crazy, hectic lifestyle. But, let’s face it at the end of the day we are used to that mad rush and after experiencing this, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

However, being locked up in the house is getting a strenuous now. It’s starting to feel like the walls are closing in and all that enthusiasm that I had left at the beginning has all left my body and soul now. The best (or worst) part is, that no matter who I speak to, everyone is in the same boat right now. Everyone’s morale is in the dumpster and all the lethargy and negativity has gotten under our skin. But I also keep thinking that what right do we have to complain about being locked up in our houses when doctors, nurses and policemen are out there fighting this war for us?

Medical health professionals are on the frontlines of this war against coronavirus. If our morale is down, can you imagine what their situations might be like? It can’t be easy for them. They are essentially living in a hospital, not being able to meet their families for weeks and are continuously around coronavirus patients. Which is why a group of women doctors in Kerala put together a dance performance from their own houses to boost morale and spread some positivity around.

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24 women doctors from SK Hospital performed on the cover version of the devotional song ‘Lokam muzhuvan sukham pakaran’. The objective behind this video was not only to boost the morale of their fellow medical professionals fighting against coronavirus but also to spread a message of unity. The video was choreographed by Sharanya Krishnan, an anaesthetist of SK Hospital. She volunteered to choreograph this video as she also a trained dancer.

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This video is a beautiful and graceful way of spreading so much positivity. These doctors have seen what coronavirus does firsthand and if they can find a way to imbibe such a positive outlook, why can’t we? They are on the frontlines of this pandemic and are always at a potential risk while we are staying safe and secure in the comfort of our own homes.

They’ve put out something so beautiful to ensure that everyone’s morale is up. But it also means that we have zero rights to complain about our situation.

Also, can I just add that all the medical professionals who are risking their lives to save ours deserve way more than a round of applause that they may or may not have even heard.

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