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The Trailer Of SOTY 2 Features Tiger Shroff’s Muscles And Random Dancing. We Are Bored

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We are gobsmacked. Baffled. Taken aback. In shock. May need counselling.

It was a usual Friday at work. We were going about our business, writing and editing articles. Keeping an eye out for stories and trending stuff. And then it happened. The trailer of SOTY 2 dropped and we wanted to be there early. Honestly, we got there 25 minutes in and it had already garnered 80,000 views.

That’s okay. We wanted to do this. Now, before we get into it, let’s just state the obvious. The SOTY series isn’t known for substance. It’s about fashion, it’s about millennials, maybe about love but depth and storylines have been completely avoided. This continues in SOTY 2, so they do get points for consistency.

To save you time and some would say, torture, this trailer is a showcase of Tiger Shroff’s muscles. In fact, his creaking joints and kicks are given more screen time than the leading ladies.

Let me give you a lowdown. The trailer opens on a very fancy-ass looking school which looks like a palace so you almost expect Kate Middleton to walk out. A very enthusiastic principal/dean/headmaster declares the Dignity Cup open. This, you should not confuse with a trophy for senior citizens with incontinence issues, because it is not that. Apparently, to win the Dignity Cup, you’re required to participate in sports events, indulge in dancing against garish sets and if you’re Tiger Shroff, deliver slow-mo shots of you dusting your hands. No, we have no rational explanation for this as well.

As you continue to watch with rising horror, there’s so much Tiger Shroff flying around so you wonder if you’ve accidentally clicked on a trailer of Flying Jatt but you haven’t. You’re lead to think this guy has a passion or purpose but till this point, he’s only cartwheeling across your screen so you can be excused for thinking that he really isn’t committed to whatever purpose he’s out to achieve. It moves on to Tiger applying enough deo to assault the noses of an entire country and then he cycles into college.

Here we meet a girl whose making eyes at Tiger but also has a greater purpose which is to win a dance competition. This is when we meet Tara Sutaria. Going by just what the trailer shows us, Tara is going to achieve this dream by stealing men’s hearts, walking in slow-mo towards the camera, hair flying in the wind and in clothes that barely cover her crotch. If you have legitimate questions about how she’s going to do any sort of dancing in those clothes, please direct them to the makers who we aren’t sure will have answers.

Much can be said about the protagonists’ lofty goals but we won’t discuss that. We now meet Ananya Panday who arrives in a Merc while drifting. She then goes on to paint Tiger Shroff’s bike pink and takes stupid, unnecessary jabs at this masculinity for no fathomable reason. This done, everyone starts dancing again. Several bad jokes and a montage of conflicting emotions later, Tiger Shroff is expelled, a man with really good hair starts to play tyrant and yet again, Tiger Shroff is naked and we are asked to politely stare at his muscles. Some action and dance sequences later in which nothing actually happens, the trailer, thankfully ends. We are just glad it did.

To explain the trailer in short, the movie stars Tiger Shroff, his muscles, plenty of oil, flying kicks delivered by all and sundry and two women.


Mansi Shah is the resident humour writer and random conversation starter. Tends to laugh manically at puns. Deeply enjoys the blunt force of sarcasm. Preys on chauvinists and people with incorrect grammar. Hoards makeup and beauty products. Attacks Nutella with vigour.

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