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Soni Razdan Says Marriages Are Failing Because Women Are Independent. She Can’t Be Serious!

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My mother is strong, optimistic, level-headed and she lives with the times. She believes in letting me choose my own path and I will always be grateful for that. But when I look around, not everyone seems to believe in letting their daughters find their wings. Some still believe that though women are capable of standing on their own two feet, ultimately, they need to get married to be ‘settled’. I always knew this was the prevailing mentality, but as you can imagine, it is annoying. And it isn’t just regular mothers who feel this way, celebrity mothers like Soni Razdan also feel that way. It really is an unfortunate thing and with all due respect, we want to tell her to please start living in this era.

If you think about it, it is such a backward thing to believe. For centuries we have battled the ridiculous thought that women need to be married off so that they have a man to take care of them. And just when we are finally starting to see some real change, here we have a public figure negating the very purpose of the whole battle. For those of you who don’t know, Soni Razdan is Alia Bhat’s mother. And apparently, Soni feels like the reason the institution of marriage is crumbling is that women have become too independent. So, does she believe that her daughter too is independent and hence marriage can’t be a choice for her?

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Basically, she is trying to say that women should not gain independence or economic stability and just go from living under their father’s thumb to their husbands? Well, doesn’t that sound just lovely? It’s really infuriating when a woman who has worked her whole life, is economically independent herself and is still married to a man, says stuff like that without realising the influence she wields.

Let me tell you the whole story. Soni Razdan will soon be seen in a cameo role in Hotstar specials Out of Love. While talking about it, she talked about infidelity and that she views the subject extremely objectively. She says, “Out of Love is a show that looks at the subject of infidelity and how that affects the bonds between people. Today, with women becoming more economically independent, the institution of marriage seems to be crumbling. I am not advocating infidelity, just looking at it very objectively.”  She isn’t advocating infidelity, what she is advocating is everything the feminist movement stands against. If I ever speak to her personally, I would want to ask her how exactly do independent women lead to the crumbling of the marriage institution? So just because women suddenly have a voice, a strong opinion, an entire social institution is crumbling? Maybe it shouldn’t be this awfully fragile then.

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Hold on guys, it doesn’t end here. She went on to say, “There is nothing great about cheating on someone, but it seems to be happening all the time so perhaps it’s the institution of marriage itself that’s not working. While marriage served a purpose 100 years ago; that purpose may not be the same now. Women are not so easily taken for granted today. Having said that, there is no reason for people to not get married. Everything is workable if there is a sense of equilibrium in whatever it is that you choose to do.”

Okay, look don’t get me wrong in no way am I saying cheating on your partner is acceptable. We have fought our way here, all the way, well to the middle, but from the looks of it, a woman’s story still ends at marriage. She is right when she said that women aren’t being taken for granted. But why isn’t that good enough reason to not get married if the woman doesn’t want to get married? Maybe she wants to focus on her career, maybe she wants to travel around the world. Why do you decide on what all women should and shouldn’t be doing?

Let’s get real guys, despite all the crap society has fed us marriage as a social institution is not a compulsion it is a choice. For centuries, we have been subjected to multiple horrors because we never had the chance to education, a career or any kind of liberty for that matter. Today, we are lucky times have changed. We have all that now and more! Let’s try and keep it that way, please? And Soni, if you cant help better the situation, please do not make it worse.

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