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Sonam Kapoor Shared A Picture Of Her In A Train And Anand Ahuja Suggested Taking A Trip. How Cute!

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We see so many couples fight because one person wants to do something and the other is just too stuck in their ways to go with it. It can be something as small as picking the movie or the restaurant but your choices may be poles apart. And with none of you willing to put your weapons down, there’s very little scope left for amicable decision-making. But seems like Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja has no such issues. Because when Sonam even remotely expresses a desire to do something, hubby Ahuja wants to fulfil it!

So here’s how this couple made us sigh, with their super cute Instagram PDA. Sonam Kapoor shared a throwback picture of her childhood on a train berth! She spoke about how much she misses travelling by trains, “There’s something very unique about train journeys. From passing sceneries to sharing meals and having a sense of community, I really miss taking the train sometimes – our very own version of a family road trip.” Because of course, if she does she will be mobbed and that’s not how she would like to indulge in nostalgia.

But Anand Ahuja on the other hand, is all up for it. He wrote, “I love this pic! I also love trains … let’s go na, soon? The last time I went by rail was to Rishikesh but my most memorable one was to Bandhavgarh … some 14 hours w about 30 classmates!” OMG, that’s like such a sweet thing when you want to do something and bae is all up for it.

Sonam, being a cutie herself, responded with some more mush, “@anandahuja train rides are super nostalgic and romantic. And travelling anywhere with you is a joy and adventure my love… So obviously I’m on for the plan.” Now we assume, they’d be going international with the whole train-journey-plan. Because unless they are taking some real fancy train, they might have to fight off a huge crowd before they even get in. We do get it though. Train journeys are so awesome with their stopping at stations, the local vendors with their food and all that.

But these guys are just sending us into our ‘aww’ mode and now we just want to take off with bae to just any city in India!

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