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Sonam Kapoor And A Series Of Unfortunate Events In The UK

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Growing up, my family took a lot of vacations. Some were an experience of a lifetime and the others were a little blah. But there is this one trip I can never forget because those five days were a complete mess. We were headed somewhere up north and absolutely nothing was going our way. Everyone was either sick or whining about dreadfully cold it was. It began with us nearly missing our flight and it ended with my parents getting into a huge fight. Even today if someone asks me about my worst vacation, it would be that one.

But here’s the thing, everyone has these horrid vacations, right? It can’t just be me. But, for the longest time, I thought celebrities could not have these problems though. Their vacations look absolutely perfect on paper (by paper, I mean social media, duh). But now after listening to Sonam Kapoor’s woes about her recent trip, I think I can relate to her a little more. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying its good she went through all that all I am saying is that her stories are making her look very real..ish. You know, as real as a star’s problems can look to us commoners.

Okay, let me give you a little context so you know why I feel this way. Today, The Zoya Factor actress took to Twitter to let people know what a horrible experience she had in an Uber while travelling in London. In a series of tweets, she describes the driver as being “unstable” and that she was extremely shaken up after it.

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Her first tweet read “Hey guys I’ve had the scariest experience with @Uber London. Please please be careful. The best and safest is just to use the local public transportation or cabs. I’m super shaken.”

As a person who uses Uber frequently at all odd hours, I can only imagine what a terrifying incident that might’ve been. After a lot of netizens commented on her tweet, she posted her second tweet on the same thread describing her driver’s behaviour.

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Sonam’s tweet read, “The driver was unstable and was yelling and shouting. I was shaking by the end of it.” This just sounds so scary.

She also tweeted saying that she registered a complaint with Uber on their app but kept getting cut off. To which Uber replied saying that they will try and rectify the situation. What is the point of that now? They really need to do a deeper background check into their driver and especially now that Uber is about to lose their license in London.

Though it seems to me like January has not been a good travel month for Sonam. I am not saying that based on this situation alone. Just a few days ago, Sonam took to Twitter again to say that British Airlines lost her luggage. She also mentioned that it was the second time it had happened and that she won’t be flying with British Airways again.

The tweet read “This is the third time I’ve traveled @British Airways this month and the second time they’ve lost my bags. I think I’ve learnt my lesson. I’m never flying @British Airways again.”

Damn, Sonam and Brits are really not mixing well this year. This really is a series of unfortunate events for her and London. With all the gloomy weather and Megxit and now Sonam all pissed off at the city, it does not seem like a good time for them.

We do hope it gets better though, for Sonam and London.

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