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Sonam and Anil Kapoor Dancing Together Is The Cutest Thing You Will See Today

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A new song from Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga is out! This one is called Ishq Mitha. And if that name seems familiar, it’s because it is. Ishq Mitha from this Sonam Kapoor movie is a spruced up version of the original song, with beats added in and the setting changed, as is the case with many songs today. So, no, this isn’t new. It’s a repackaged version. 

While the music may seem same old, or preppy new, what we are loving is the adorable yet tinged with awkwardness chemistry that Sonam and Anil Kapoor share in this song. They are dancing together, yes, there’s definitely love but you can sense unresolved issues, buried under the surface. Given that these are fine actors, it’s nice to see them being able to bring this sort of nuance in the song.

Sonam Kapoor is shy, her character demure. The trailer released earlier this month revealed that she might be playing a homosexual character, dealing with her father’s  We haven’t seen Sonam play too many characters like this and we are excited.


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