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Sonakshi’s Weight Loss From Dabangg To Dabangg 3 Is Fitness Done Right

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Fitness means different things for everybody. For me it is about being able to build up enough stamina to climb 3 flights of stairs in case my office elevator breaks, without huffing and puffing. For others, it could be a lifestyle, a priority. But mostly, and for all, what fitness needs to be, is a must.

Sonakshi Sinha, the Dabangg actress is indeed an inspiration we all need for how to lose weight without succumbing to the size zero convention. Sona, who has time and again stuck by her statement, “I am here to be a hero, not size zero” is not only giving unconventional fitness goals to the non-skinny ones, but making it a point to show how the foremost need is to feel comfortable in our own skin.

Her recent post where she posed in her original avatar of Rajjo from Dabangg, shooting for the third part of the movie, has left the fans, including us, flabbergasted with just how fitter and fresher she looks. Not that she has ever let body-shaming get to her, but she recognises that being skinny and being fit are two different things, and she is probably going to always opt for the latter.

From extensive pilates sessions to new diet plans, there is no stone she has left unturned under the tutelage of Namrata Purohit, who has been training her. Her daily morning routine of doing cardio, to being consistent at her weight training and even snacking healthy while she is travelling, she’s dedicated. The PDA with pilates on her Instagram handle is proof, she’s in top shape. You can see stronger arms, she’s lost the back fat, it’s come together beautifully.

Her fat-to-fit body transformation where she lost almost 30kgs before entering Bollywood has quite well been consistent. Yes, she did not turn the stereotype size 0 for the industry, but she’s been constantly shaping up and boy, does she look fine.


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