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Sonakshi Sinha Talks About How Online Trolling And Cyber Bullying Has Increased During The Lockdown. It’s Sad, But True.

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Out of all the proverbs and adages that my parents would turn into life lessons for me, the most frequently used was  “an idle mind is a devil’s workshop”. They urged me to never sit idle at home, even if it was on a holiday to rest. For some reason, they were certain that Satan would probably rent my mind for all things bad if I was ever caught lounging indolently at my house. I like to think the staunch belief arose after I accidentally set my curtains on fire as a kid on a lazy afternoon. But none the less staying busy has been good for me. Although, I don’t know if we can say that about the rest of the population who, during this time has let boredom and inactivity get the better of them. Especially the trolls.

Serving as probably the golden hour for online trolls, the lockdown has had only one kind of people flourishing and those are the bullies. From previously dropping only controversial and borderline offensive comments to now stooping further to harass celebrities and women with hurtful, inflammatory and insensitive remarks. Just like a rise in domestic violence, a rise in online trolls and harassment has also been observed. And corroborating the same has been the Dabangg actress Sonakshi Sinha who has had plenty of experience in dealing with such trolls.

Sharing in an exclusive with Pinkvilla, she said, “People feel that by just hiding behind the screen they are anonymous and can say whatever they want to, and in whichever way they want. Definitely, democracy has been misused when it comes to social media and online harassment. People are really taking freedom of speech for granted and mistaking it for freedom to abuse – to which they don’t have a right. That’s why we are trying to create some awareness and what actions can be taken against those who perpetrate it.”

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Talking about her own experience with such bullies and harassers, she said “Yes, I was trolled and bullied even for taking a stand against bullying. People without thinking of anything just go out there and vent their frustration. Especially during the lockdown as people have less to do which is why a lot more negativity and hate are coming out online. Initial thoughts are that it is battle but it’s definitely one that needs to begin and we need to fight back.”

And we couldn’t help but agree with her. Rather than doing something worthwhile with themselves, people seem to be devoting all this excess time that have on our hands to senseless acts of insensitivity by taking personal digs at others. And the ones learning from the ‘never say never’ nature of such trolls have been Bollywood celebrities, who in spite of often bearing the brunt of their mercilessness, stand up against online bullying and trolling and try to bring about a change in perspective, like Sonakshi right here.

The actress has been actively trying to do her bit in spreading the word to stop and stand against cyberbullying. She has not only made statements but also dropped video campaigns, posts and enough awareness for everyone to be in the know. Here is hoping she actually gets through to people!

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