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Sona Mohapatra Calls Preity Zinta A ‘Minion Of Patriarchy’ For Her Controversial Comments About The #MeToo Movement

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It’s been nearly three years since the #MeToo movements first emerged so powerfully that people expected it to make global change. Of course, some powerful names were brought down but not one of them was sentenced to the punishment they deserved. Even then, a lot of people treated it like a joke and passed insensitive comments. One such inappropriate comment about the #MeToo movement was passed by Preity Zinta in 2018. And Sona Mohapatra, who can be termed as the new face and the most vocal advocate of the movement, has clearly not forgotten about it. 

You see, on Wednesday, Sona Mohapatra hit back at a netizen who replied to her tweet about the MJ Akbar defamation case using Preity’s 2018 ‘Sweetu, Metoo’ comment as a reference. For all those who don’t remember what she said, in an interview with Bollywood Hungama in 2018, the actress was asked if she had ever been sexually harassed Preity replied saying, “I wish I too had (a #MeToo experience) so I’d have an answer to tell you… Aaj ki sweetu, kal ki MeToo ho sakti hai!

Anyway, coming back to our point. This kerfuffle started when Sona took to Twitter to talk about the latest developments in the MJ Akbar defamation case. She wrote, “Are all the other women who have come forward to give their statements regarding the reprehensible behaviour of Mr MJ Akbar also lying? Why would they? Some laddoos coming their way going through the harrowing process of dealing with this nebulous aspect of the lopsided power play?” 

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To this, a netizen replied using Preity Zinta’s comment reference. He said, “@mjakbar case let the court speak up … Sweetoo sweeto can’t be metoo metoo after break up by man.”  

Of course, by this comment, this netizen and Preity Zinta before him tried to say that one’s girlfriend of today can accuse them of sexual harassment tomorrow. Essentially blaming the woman. This comment angered Sona Mohapatra. She schooled him and Preity Zinta all in one strong-worded tweet. She hit back saying, “This disgusting line was plagiarised by this moron from an interview given by the silly, dim-witted, minion of patriarchy Priety Zinta, yesteryear decoration in films when asked about the @IndiaMeToo movement last year. The effect of celebrity culture & its sorry influence.”  

Okay, we see Sona’s point but her words towards Preity Zinta are a little too harsh. While her defence is strong and on point, the execution of that defence is unnecessarily savage. What Preity said all those years ago was not funny nor was it appropriate. In fact, it was highly insensitive and portrayed women in a terrible light. That being said, Sona’s reaction to the comment is problematic as well. This entire thing was blown massively out of proportion.

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