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Sona Mohapatra Calls Out Tik Tok Guy For Promoting Domestic Violence But Also Takes A Dig At Salman Khan. We Stan A Queen

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Tik Tok has always been a controversial platform, largely because of some of the content that we see on it. And no, we’re not talking about the cringe. We’ve seen quite a few offensive and derogatory videos being posted on the app. But recently, the discussion about problematic content creators on Tik Tok has started heating up again after Faizal Siddiqui, who has a huge following on the platform, posted a video glorifying acid attacks. The disgusting and disrespectful video spread like wildfire, and many criticising it. Some of Faizal’s fans still chose to defend him saying that the video wasn’t meant to promote acid attacks. To counter this, a Twitter user posted yet another video in which Faizal is seen glorifying domestic violence this time.

Singer Sona Mohapatra responded to this with her own thoughts, which we think are extremely important. In support of the tweet, she tagged the individual defending Faizal and said, “Dear @aaliznat, nothing before & after the ‘spliced’ video u were defending of this guy cd justify it. Demeaning women is normalised in our culture.We grew up with stories of SalmanKhan,breaking bottles on his girlfriends head in public,yet the country’s biggest star? Needs to stop”.

Sona earlier revealed that she even turned down a paid opportunity to join Tik Tok. “So relieved I could never be persuaded to get on to this low life platform & even in Covid19 times where there was a paid and branded opportunity,said no. Music labels scout for #TikTok stars to lip sync our songs to get better ‘reach’. #NumbersGame #BusinessAtAnyCost #BottomLineOnly”.

We absolutely agree with her bold statement. Violence against women has become normalised in our culture to the extent that we are desensitised to it. Videos like Faizal Siddiqui’s prove that people like him do not even understand the gravity of an acid attack or domestic violence cases. To so casually record a video glorifying it, is to make light of the abuse that countless women have faced and continue to face. Influencers who have a large audience need to be more cautious and sensitive while putting out their content.

But the thing is, Sona is right. When you’ve grown up thinking this is okay, because bigger stars like Salman Khan have never been called out for their toxic behaviour, we’re promoting a culture of violence. It is accepted, only because people like Salman are big stars, and somehow that makes it okay when they hit their women.

Salman’s rage and attacks is the stuff of legend. Stories have it that Shahrukh refused to work with Aishwarya because Salman was brash on the sets. And it was unacceptable. So then can we really blame these men for promoting his kind of misogyny? We don’t think it’s entirely their fault.

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