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Soha Ali Khan Once Had To Pump Breast Milk In An Airplane Bathroom. What About Breastfeeding Is Offensive?

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Breastfeeding in public places is still frowned upon in our society. We don’t know why it is this way, but it just is. And whether you choose to breastfeed, or can’t or don’t want to, it should be left entirely to women. But what’s worse is that because of the stares they attract, most women run to the closest bathroom or enclosed space to feed their baby. Most women would rather hide themselves like actress Neha Dhupia who revealed that she once had to hide behind a tree to breastfeed her daughter Mehr. Luckily on set, the people around Neha Dhupia were supportive, which is why she didn’t quit breastfeeding soon after getting back to work! Later actress Soha Ali Khan also supported Neha Dhupia in the #FreedomToFeed initiative to promote awareness about breastfeeding and shared her experience on the same.

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Soha Ali Khan and her little munchkin Inaaya Kemmu are one of the most adorable mother-daughter duos right now and they have our heart. Speaking about the struggles of breastfeeding in public, Soha Ali Khan said in a video, “It was definitely one of the most difficult aspects of being a new parent for me. As it is, I am so competitive by nature. I wanted to be the exclusive provider of nutrition and I was quite kicked by this wonderful, very humbling process that was happening to me. But it was also very demanding, very tiring and very frustrating, at times, to meet the rapidly increasing demands of a hungry baby.”

Soha Ali Khan opened up about an incident, where she had to pump breast milk in an airplane’s washroom. Soha recalled, “As a working parent, I found myself having to pump in the oddest of places. I have pumped in an airplane bathroom. When the seatbelt signs came on, I had to hurriedly dismantle everything, spilling lots of very precious breast milk along the way. When I came out and made it back to my seat, the air hostess asked me if I was doing my makeup inside. I was like, ‘Uh…no.'”

Soha Ali Khan believes that breastfeeding in public shouldn’t be looked down upon but rather must be encouraged. The actress feels that mothers are doing something that is valuable, scientific and incredible and it really needs to be supported, as opposed to being shunned. Motherhood is something so pure and beautiful and indeed they are the true heroes despite all the struggles they face.

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“The thing that encouraged me was finding support in other mothers and knowing that you’re not alone. Whatever issues you went through, whether it was latching, low milk supply, sleepless nights, frustration, being upset with your body and hormones…there were people out there who could relate to it and tell you that you were going to be okay and that it’s temporary,” she said.

World Breastfeeding Week had started from August 1 and Neha Dhupia has announced her #FreedomToFeed campaign which promotes breastfeeding and encourages women to feed their babies whenever and wherever they want, without feeling apologetic about it!

Being a mother is not easy! What are your thoughts on the same?!



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