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Sobhita Dhulipala Was Hell Bent On Being Taken Seriously In The Industry. We Think She Is On The Right Track

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Bollywood, as many have previously and currently still claim, is one of the most seductive industries to work in. With all that glamour, fame and the constant spotlight on every aspect of your life, the boundaries in this line of work get too blurry, too soon, and it is only the ones who are undaunted that usually make it big in this multi-million dollar industry. One such actress, who has managed to keep her priorities in order, a head on her shoulders, and her commitment to work high is the Made in Heaven star Sobhita Dhulipala, who has recently gone on record to talk about how she’s always been ‘hell bent on being taken seriously’ in this industry.

Cracking her way into Bollywood by becoming the Miss India Earth 2013 and starting out by doing modelling shoots, that soon turned into ad films, Sobhita has always been hailed as unconventional in her looks, in her choices of work and we are all witness to how amazingly it has turned out for the young actress.

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Thinking back to her college and school days, Sobhita shared how, “Modelling was just me experimenting and discovering things. It was just like, ‘oh I cleared one round, lets do the other’.There was no plan. I am a late bloomer. College for me was the first chance to thread my eyebrows, wear lipstick, own my first dress and wear heels. I initially enjoyed the attention, but I knew it was not my cup of tea. I was lost. The minute I auditioned for Raman Raghav, I knew this is what I wanted to do.”

And since then, there clearly has been no looking back for her. She further said, “Raman Raghav 2.0 emboldened me. When I was auditioning I didn’t know that it was Anurag’s film. The other films are also conscious choices. These films gave me the encouragement. You can do things you like and yet be relevant. I realise that my work choices have been experimental, because I was hell-bent on being taken seriously. I wanted to be accepted if not appreciated for the right reasons and I didn’t want to bank on my looks alone.” And honestly, that kind of a mindset is not just fresh but also exactly the kind of attitude that is bound to take you places.

She is one of the very few who is working towards taking her unconventional style of acting and looks to break conventions and we are all for it! In fact, she even mentioned, “I was bullied as a child in school. I was gawky and shy. I was the school captain, a front bencher, and was not conventionally pretty. So I turned to books; I knew that what I gained from them, no one could take that away from me.” And about that, she was damn right.

From Raman Raghv 2.0, to Kaalakandi to Made in Heaven and then Bard of Blood, the actress has not shied away from picking up diverse roles that aren’t just challenging but also in some way or the other, relevant to what is going on in the society at this moment. For her gig in Made in Heaven, Sobhita said, “All I knew was that this was an urban story, trying to address a lot of urban angst, and it was being told by amazing filmmakers. It was forward and honest. Well decorated, sure. And I was at the centre of it all, no one knew me. I am glad that it worked.”

Sobhita will next be seen starring in Karan Johar’s Ghost Stories that is set to release on New Years.

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