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Singer Sona Mohapatra Calls Out Vishal Dadlani For Selective Activism. Stood Up For Rhea But Said Nothing Against #MeToo Accused Anu Malik

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Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, a few months ago, caused a serious stir in Bollywood. After a massive witch-hunt reportedly orchestrated by the media (ahem ahem), his alleged girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty and her brother Showik Chakraborty were arrested and brought up on drug charges. The entire thing left people divided. While some sympathized with Rhea, the others saw her as nothing more than a murderer. Amongst all the industry people who have come Rhea’s support is musician Vishal Dadlani. However, he was immediately called out by singer Sona Mohapatra who accused him of being a hypocrite and having double-standards. She has a very strong point. 

While we agree that after everything she has been through Rhea needs all the support she can get, Vishal Dadlani is probably not the right person to do so. I will tell you’ll why. How many of you remember the entire MeToo scandal where Sona Mohapatra had accused music director Anu Malik of being a sexual predator? It ended with Anu Malik stepping down as an Indian Idol judge to “clear his name”. *Scoffs*. Now tell me, who else was a judge on Indian Idol? That’s right, Vishal Dadlani. And while this entire controversy was going on, not once did he come forward in support of Sona Mohapatra and speak up against his co-judge, Anu Malik. He maintained a stoic silence. And yet, he has no problem supporting Rhea Chakraborty. What kind of selective activism is this? I don’t about you but from where I stand, that seems pretty double-standard-y. 

It all started when Vishal took to Twitter to express his feelings about the predicament Rhea and Showik are in. He wrote, “Let’s not forget the malicious role of #ArnabTheBastard & his cohorts & other media who cashed in! Those vultures ruined the lives of a young brother + sister & preyed on the death of a young star for trps & political gain for their masters. Pure evil. Hope they rot in hell!” 

A netizen replied to Vishal’s tweet and wrote that out of everyone, he should not be talking about doing things for their masters since he and Neha Kakkar (who was the third judge on the reality show) didn’t utter a word against Anu Malik. It is a point to be noted. 

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After this tweet was posted, singer Sona Mohapatra took to Twitter to slam Vishal Dadlani. She wrote, “What is right is often forgotten by what is convenient.” Dadlani’s heart bleeds for Rhea Chakraborty. None of this justice bent came into play for Vishal when endless women called out his #IndianIdol colleague Anu Malik.” 

 If you are standing up for one woman who has been wronged, why couldn’t you stand up for another? It’s almost as if when it’s an ambiguous case like Rhea’s he stood up because there isn’t anyone to blame in particular. But when it came to blaming Anu Malik when innumerable women accused him of sexual assault, Vishal decided to keep shut because he didn’t want to point an actual finger. Rhea is in a difficult position but you can’t only support her because it’s convenient for you. That’s just wrong and it reeks of hypocrisy. 

As usual, Sona Mohapatra makes a very strong case. The moral of the story is not that Vishal Dadlani should not have stood up for Rhea. He should’ve opened his mouth when his co-judge Anu Malik was being accused of something as heinous as sexual assault. This entire thing just makes me want to roll my eyes at him. 

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