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Singer Kanika Kapoor Says She Was Mercilessly Trolled After She Tested Positive. Erm, She Ignored Protocol

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By March 2020, most countries of the world were wholly engulfed in the pandemic. Even though it’s not a time we are likely to forget anytime soon, let me set the scene for you. People were disoriented and terrified, there was a surge of misinformation and conspiracies and no one knows when the lockdown would be lifted and some semblance of normalcy would be established. Amidst all this chaos during the early pandemic days, there was one Bollywood personality who tested positive for the virus, Kanika Kapoor. As soon as she posted about it on social media, she was hit with tremendous backlash. However, now she says that all the flak she received back then was “immature” and “unfair”. Erm, was it though?

If I remember correctly, and I do, Kanika Kapoor returned to India from the UK in March. She took to Instagram to talk about how she had flu-like symptoms and has tested positive. However, before she got her swab test, Kanika neglected to inform the authorities of her recent travel history and, despite her symptoms, also threw an extravagant party in one of Lucknow’s 5-star hotels putting numerous people at risk. She was trolled mercilessly for her sheer ignorance of the protocols. She really had it coming.


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Recently, in an interview with Times Now Digital, Kanika Kapoor opened up about all the backlash she faced, she said that it was very immature of people to react the way they did. She said, “I think it was immature of people to not really know the reality and just go by the media stories. I think it was unfair on the media’s part to not know the reality, without thinking that they are maligning the girl.”

Further adding, “I felt it was just like the flu. I did not know what to expect. I think I was overwhelmed with the response of people around me. That took over everything else I went through. My family was a bit concerned but touch wood I was in good hands and the doctors took good care. For me, it was a bad thing.”

The thing is, testing positive for the virus is no laughing matter. It’s also something that can’t be taken lightly. That’s exactly what Kanika Kapoor did. Not only did she completely disregard COVID protocols but she ignored her symptoms and interacted with numerous people at social gatherings. Usually, I am not someone who agrees with trolls. But maybe this incident is an exception. Yes, it was excessive and it got slightly out of hand, as most trolls do, but it definitely wasn’t unwarranted.

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