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Singer Kanika Kapoor Finally Tests Negative In The Sixth Test For Covid-19. She’s Recovering…We Hope Others Do Too!

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This is not the time for white lies. To hide details from the authorities. And this isn’t the time you flaunt your pedigree. The virus spares no one and we know that now. But there are a few people who think they are above everyone else – like singer Kanika Kapoor who flew back from London in March, withheld her travel history and ended up getting coronavirus and possibly (and this isn’t confirmed) passing on the infection.

The Baby Doll singer, who was in London and flew back to India in March, took to her own Instagram page on 20th of March to announce how she had been detected with the virus after showing symptoms for it, and created quite an uproar in the industry with this revelation. For it was only days ago that the actress spotted partying with a bunch of A-list celebrities and politicians in Lucknow.

Regardless of the fact that coronavirus had started to spread at a rapid rate even then, and being in the know of the potential ramifications of moving around, self-isolation would be the need to the house but Kanika chose to do otherwise. She was found infected. However, after spending almost over a fortnight in the hospital, Kanika Kapoor has finally tested negative for the virus in her 6th test.

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Failing to recover during the five consecutive tests for Covid-19 on her, that are being conducted every two days on patients with coronavirus, the singer had started to lose a little hope. With reports of just how serious and life threatening the virus can be, to test positive for 5 times can be quite disheartening. But, with proper treatment at the Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, she has finally on her way to recovery. She has also been discharged to be sent back home, however strictly advised to be in self isolation, which we hope doesn’t translate to attending socialite events this time around.

And no matter how foolish we think she was for risking her own life, we are glad that the singer is out of danger and nursed back to health. Meanwhile, her friends whom she interacted with after returning from London – former Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje and her son Dushyant Singh – have been put themselves into self quarantine to avoid a similar situation.

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