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Singer Hema Sardesai Shows Support For Anu Malik, Says It Takes Two Hands To Clap. What Sort Of Nonsense Is This?

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There are few things in the world that require our complete attention- sexual misconduct tops that list. Look I’m not saying that there are times when women aren’t at fault, we have all heard of cases where a woman is trying to entice a man simply as a publicity stunt. There is no use denying it, but that is a one-off case. When half a dozen women come together to accuse a man of sexual assault, it generally means the man is the perpetrator, even if he hasn’t been convicted of the crime. If you haven’t guessed it already, we are talking about everyone’s favourite Indian Idol judge- Anu Malik! But his case has been talked about to death and yet, he seems to find support from a lot of quarters. The reason we are bringing it up again is that singer Hema Sardesai has released a statement defending him and it is honestly one of the most ridiculous things I have read.

We understood why Indian Idol host Aditya Narayan defended Anu Malik – the TRPs are important. We also understood why Sonu Nigam tried to cover up the tracks- some sorted of twisted bro code situation. But this? This we do not understand, nor do we want to. On Tuesday, singer Hemaa Sardesai took to Instagram to share a long statement pledging her loyalty to Anu Malik. She defended him and tried to throw out all the sexual assault claims made by Shweta Pandit, Neha Bhasin and Sona Mohapatra. And if that wasn’t infuriating enough, despite all the evidence, she tried to push forward the point that Anu Malik is a decent human being. WTF even?

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The Instagram statement she shared was captioned, “Pls note this is a selfless post with nothing for me to gain on, accept the satisfaction of standing up for the truth @anumalikmusic @sonytvofficial.” First of all, I do not understand why she is butting in all of a sudden? Hema was never in the picture so why this long statement out of the blue?

She opened the post by introducing Anu Malik as one the music directors who has given the industry so many great songs sung by so many talented singers. She then began defending him by saying, “So many years ago when my struggle carried on in the industry, I was the ONLY singer who had clearly stated publicly that I have refused to compromise my values for songs. Why were all others quiet then? And why have they been quiet for so many years? By sheer grace despite my strong principles, I was blessed with many blockbuster hit songs including those directed by Anu Malik. If one of the decent most Singers like me cld have sung some of Anu Malik’s greatest songs, it proves there is a great Artiste in him who respected true talent and who respectfully gave me songs on merit alone.”

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I don’t understand where his career comes into the picture when the question here is not on his credibility but his character?Though is credibility has also taken several shots because everyone knows that there was a phase where he straight up plagiarised songs. . So yeah, he might’ve recognised talent and given her songs solely based on merit but how does that prove he did not sexually assault other women?

Hang on guys, it gets better. Hema further goes on to insinuate that all these women are involved in sort of coup to drag the good name of Anu Malik down. She implies that the alleged victims are either seeking publicity or were agreeable to his advances. She says, “I ask some of the singers who are talking against him… why were you quiet for so many years? Are you’ll trying to say all the other Music directors who you’ll worked with were Gods? Like seriously? Also if for publicity sake you are throwing stones at him, it’s not acceptable. I ask those known singers who got most of his big songs why are you’ll quiet today when you shld be standing by him? I mean it takes two hands to clap rite? When one of the most RAREST DECENT MOST Singer of the industry says something on this, the people concerned shld sit up and take heed pls.”

Let’s highlight something that I found super interesting, shall we? “It takes two hands to clap,” what part of sexual assault or sexual misconduct does she not understand? What part of these women’s claims even suggests that they had given consent? Sona Mohapatra was 15 when Anu Malik was a sleazebag with her, for crying out loud!

Do you know what happens when a woman defends a man who has been accused of a crime like this? They get the validation they need to continue working and having no care in the world. We know Anu Malik has not been convicted but that doesn’t mean he is innocent either. So let’s stop protecting men like him and start taking some real action, for once?

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