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Singer Chinmayi Sripaada Says If Harvey Weinstein Had Been In India, He’d Be Partying. Unfortunately, That’s The Truth

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They say coddling a child when he is wrong is probably the worst thing you can do to him, considering he often takes it as an approval of his actions, a message dramatically different from the kind parents should be teaching their children And while it is a legit parenting advice that my parents did follow, I realise that while we may have tried to follow it at a personal level, in a larger way, we have utterly failed. Time and again, abetting criminals accused of rape and assault, giving them shelter, work and respect despite them having taken it away from women, children or even other men, we realised that as a country we have failed in raising our men right. And we may not be the only ones saying this, for South Indian singer Chinmayi Sripaada also spoke about the systematic failure of our punishing the wrong-doers.

The once Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein, has been sentenced to 23 years in a New York State Prison, on account of rape and assault charges. Women across the the world have finally started to entertain the idea that justice might not be that foregone conclusion, a refreshingly new idea. And while, it truly has been a landmark ruling and the first real victory of the #MeToo movement, we also had a bitter realisation of the truth as it holds a mirror to the flawed law and justice system of our country.

And pointing it out has been the unabashed and bold singer, Chinmayi, who too has been an active and vocal supporter of the #MeToo movement. Tweeting about the sentencing of Harvey Weinstein, Sripaada wrote, “Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years in Prison. This is the time he’d wish he were born in India. Especially in Tamil nadu. He’d have been partying with stars, politicians and have odes written. You’d actually be supported by political parties 100% (sic).”

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And as much as it shames us as Indian citizens to admit to it, we know that what she has said, is true. After several men in power, have been called out left right and center by women, some with proper audio and video recordings, we still have the industry aiding them and giving them work, reaching out to them in a support. And it isn’t just insulting to the victims, it makes a mockery of the entire system that is meant to safeguard the interest of women, but in turn is only crippling them further. Case in point, Anu Malik. The guy continued to get work, even appeared on television after being called out. It was only when things got out of hand that he was suspended.

Chinmayi, infact, herself had called out lyricist Vairamuthu on account of #MeToo, but in turn was only disbarred from the Dubbing union, while nothing substantial went down with Vairamuthu. Guess that is just how skewed and superficial our society is when it comes to holding the accused responsible. In this system, it falls on the victim’s shoulders to actually prove that the crime did happen and that’s just unfortunate.

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