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Singer Chinmayi Sripaada Calls Out #MeToo Accused Singer Karthik Again. And Yet, No Action Is Being Taken Against Him.

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Back in October 2018, when the #MeToo movement started gaining momentum and found its way to the entertainment industry, it pulled the mask off of a lot of artists and important men in every genre. From top management leaders to actors to directors, every name that was once hidden, for the risk of ruining a reputation and career graph was high, suddenly saw the light of day with a sense of confidence and a will to seek for justice.

A lot of women came to the support of the women speaking up, standing with her as she bravely narrated what was perhaps her worst nightmare come true and amongst them was the south Indian singer and dubbing artist Chinmayi Sripaada who is unmasking perpetrators from within this industry. Starting by exposing the Tamil lyricist Vairamuthu of sexually molesting her years ago and then supporting another woman while she came out about singer Karthik on social media, Chinmayi has always been fearless in supporting women for the right cause.

Which is why, when the woman who voiced out her story about #MeToo accused Karthik, Chinmayi stood beside her and raised her own voice and used her position in the industry for people to take the accusation seriously. However, seems like calling someone out for a serious crime like that of sexual assault isn’t of much consequence in a country like ours because the crux of the matter is, that the perpetrators, even after being accused with numerous accounts of assaults always get to carry on with their life as if the allegation is a mere pesky business to be taken care of, just like Karthik, who recently joined the Dubbing union.

Not letting this development on the matter slide, singer Chinmayi Sripaada was quick to bring to attention the fact that the man who was accused of wronging a woman, was being welcomed into the union with no consequence for his actions and misdemeanours. She took to twitter and reminded people of what it seemed like they had conveniently forgotten.

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And this won’t be the first time that Chinmayi had come to the support of women who are speaking up. In 2018, she had written, “The #MeToo campaign is truly an ugly truth vent and I would be doing grave injustice in not calling out singer Karthik. What I actually mean is ‘We’ as I personally know of several others so this is #UsToo. He has always misused his popularity and sickeningly pursued multiple women (even same day!). This is not restricted to the singer fraternity alone. He does it ‘as a matter of fact’ and has no regret in doing so. Sexting, dirty pictures, videos, groping… what not. I have experienced this myself. Just cos [because] he is popular he had veiled it well thus far. Anonymity actually is no big deal in this case as there are so many girls who would gladly say ‘Me too’.” And we agree with her here.

We hope Chinmayi’s bold step up here offers people the perspective they so desperately need to understand that its time we stop aiding and abetting perpetrators, because no matter how great he is as an artist, if he isn’t so as a humna, then it is not really worth it.

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