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Simmba’s Trailer Is Out And It’s Got All The Elements Of A Masala Film

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Right off the bat, let me tell you, Simmba trailer starts off showcasing Ranveer Singh in all his well-oiled glory. And I am not talking about just the hair. Even the body is bronzed and oiled so he looks a bit like a Greek god having a stopover in a city in India.

He has no scruples, he announces. Not in those many words, of course. But something to that effect. He’s here for the money. That he categorically states. And since the movie must move on, punches must be delivered and since this is a Rohit Shetty film, a couple of things must fly in slow-mo, things change with one incident. A rape.

His transformation is premise of the movie. But what’s got us all excited is that he romances Sara Ali Khan in this movie. The young star kid hasn’t even had her first release yet and her second film’s trailer is already out. We talked about how gorgeous she looked in the Kedarnath and in this movie, she looks like a dream, smiling and looking practically flawless.

This is a movie that looks like it has all the elements of a masala film. Fun, frolic and a social message. And it looks like a coming of age romance. We can’t wait.





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