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Simi Garewal Says Covid-19 Taught People What It Is To Live Life Like A Woman In A Society That Blames You For Rape. She Is Right.

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Whenever I think about how I am going to tell my kids (or dog puppies) about the kind of year that 2020 was, I wonder whether I should start by calling it the year that wasn’t, or the year that changed our fiber, our lives as we know it. Let’s face it, we are not the people we were before the pandemic hit us, and by the time it will be behind us, we would  have shed our skins once again to come out completely different and new. But most of all, if there has been one thing that the pandemic has changed and for the better if you think about it, and it is the way people now live life, much like women have had to for the past few decades. A thought that was recently shared by veteran actress and talk show host, Simi Garewal.

Drawing an analogy between how the world post corona has left people living life like a woman does, Simi Garewal’s recent jab at the society for being dismissive towards women, as they blame us for getting raped, has made all of us reconsider how we treat women. Clearly, not well enough. Because we’re looking over our shoulders all the time, implies Simi.

In what was a long, heartfelt and particularly on-point post, Simi wrote on twitter, “Life is like a woman…in COVID19..” Going ahead to then share how life in a pandemic and and life as a a woman bear an uncanny resemblance. Spoiler alert – it’s the same. Especially since the coronavirus may have only just come now, but the shadow pandemic of women being mistreated and feeling unsafe has been around a long, long time.

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Simi Garewal wrote, “Covid-19 taught everyone what life is like as a woman. Are you scared to step out? Worried that you are not covering your face enough? Are you paranoid of anyone touching you? Are you terrified of anyone coming in your arm’s length? Are you concerned that the person who looks safe might actually be sick from the inside? Does it scare you that if you do succumb to it, you will be blamed and no one will be willing to help you?” Each of her questions remind us of the ordeal are put through when we live in a society like ours that particularly relishes and even indulges in its victim blaming mindset.

Concluding her post with a powerful statement, Simi Garewal wrote “Congratulations, you have finally understand what a woman goes through every single day in a society that blames her for rape.” The fact that we had to live through a pandemic for the world to even realise how we women live life is concerning as it is telling.  But maybe knowing this, perhaps everyone will understand why it can’t go on like that anymore.

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