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Simi Garewal Is Back With Her Chat Show But We Are Not Entirely Excited By It. Here’s Why

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Chat shows and I go way back. I mean, we are talking of a time when the radiant and former actress Simi Garewal would be bedecked classily in her all white ensemble, on a white couch while she softly nudged secrets out of  the biggest stars of the time. It was gentle, classic tete-a-tete, Rendezvous with Simi Garewal. Nothing like the neon-blazing, secret-spilling shows of today. Shows like Koffee with Karan, BFFs with Vogue or Feet Up With The Stars are now what is the norm. Come to think of it, it was 15 years ago that the last episode of Rendezvous was aired. But now, she’s ready to take on the small screen again but we are not entirely excited by it. 

During an interview,  Simi talked about all the things that would go down this season, she pointed out how she’d never reveal who would be a guest on the show until she’s shot with them, but she did let us in on an important detail that the newly married couple, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone might just be the ones opening her show this time around. She said, “I have never revealed names till I’ve shot the episode. But I’ll reveal this — Deepika and Ranveer have promised their first interview together for Rendezvous.” 

The show that first aired in 1997, it gave us unabashed access (or so we thought at the time) to interesting tidbits about lives of celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Sushmita Sen, Kareena Kapoor, Anil Ambani, Benazir Bhutto and many more iconic stars that have shared perhaps more than they would have liked to with both Simi and us.

While talking about the concept of the show, Simi said how she doesn’t mean to change anything or bring in any games as a segment to fetch things out. She said , “Why would I change the format (to include) more gossip and games? People resort to games when they cannot make a conversation. It’s an easy way out! No research needed!”

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And here’s where we disagree. While we do love a heart-to-heart with our stars, often, their own social media is the place to go to for this information. When the show originally aired, shows like this were the only way to find out about Bollywood stars and we were curious. Now, we hit follow on their Instagram and we know where they are, who they are vacationing with and who they are dating. In these times, this show might seem dated.

It might be the accessibility that the social media offers or that we have seen the many avatars of these stars on many shows – especially when they are promoting a movie- the tour includes a lot of stopovers and appearances on popular stages, but we already know so much about them. So, what new thing will this show offer? We aren’t entirely sure and for that reason, we have our reservations.


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The tentative date for the show to come out is yet to come out, and we don’t know who all will be making an appearance, but from the looks of it, seems like we’d be seeing a lot of up and coming stars and honestly, we are not sure how we feel about it. 


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