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Sikh Women Now To Be Allowed To Perform Kirtan At The Golden Temple. Another Leap For Womenkind

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They say everyone is equal in the eyes of god. And the everyone must consist of people outside of India because here we decide who people are allowed to pray to based on their gender. On whether they bleed, or have breasts. Yes, that’s weird but that’s also true.

For men, India has probably been a spiritual bliss, but for women, not so much. However, in a ‘better late than never’ spirit and a laudable step towards gender equality, change has finally happened as women will now be allowed to perform kirtan inside the Golden Temple.

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A right and service to god, that had earlier been only reserved for the men, Golden Temple in a historic move, has now allowed for all women to also be allowed to sing hymns at the Golden Temple and honestly it has been the best news we’ve heard all day. That women were not allowed to do this was a concern that had been voiced out by Tript Rajinder Singh Bajwa, a state minister and rightly so, for he reminded everyone about how Sikhism had always been fair and unbiased towards either of the sexes. This finally led the Punjab Government to pass a resolution unanimously that urged Akal Takht and the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) to allow for this change.

Tript Singh Bajwa, who actively sought to overturn the rule of only Sikh men performing the kirtan, opposed the statement of an Akali leader as he mentioned, “There was no mention in the Sikh history of any discrimination against women,” and we do have to agree. Sikhism, has been one such religion that has not only been about bravery but also, equally about compassion and equality. He also argued how Guru Nanak Ji had preached the promotion of an egalitarian society, based on a democracy of rights and entitlements.

Which is why, the fact that women were restrained from performing the Kirtan Sewa felt like going against the very principles of their religion. But not anymore, as the Punjab Government on the joyous occasion of Guru Purab have announced that women too shall be now welcome to sing and take part in Kirtan Sewa.

It is perhaps these steps that have ultimately led to the monumental changes and have reinstates our faith in God and the system. Anyway, no one should ever try to keep anyone away from praying to God the way they want, just because they belong to a certain gender. Being a believer doesn’t have to do anything with your sex and we are glad, that this is finally being understood by the people.

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