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Shruti Haasan Shares Some Advice About Life After The Lockdown Is Lifted And It’s Important That We Pay Heed

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It’s true that after being in lockdown for over a month, it’s gotten a tad easier to navigate through this difficult time. But that doesn’t mean I am not keenly looking forward to the day I can step outside my building and have some semblance of life again. I can’t wait for the day all of this ends, but it won’t be that easy. Coronavirus is putting a tough fight and right now it has us in its clutches with no wiggle room.

Every time I get thoughts like those I just think about the fact that this is all a test from nature, and it has to end sometime. I mean, if we go on living like this at some point my couch will absorb me and my Netflix homepage will ask me for some space. So, I use the thought of meeting my friends (without a screen separating us) as an innocent incentive to help me through this mess.

However, the only problem with this mechanism of mine is that deep down I know that even once all of this is over, I won’t be able to just pick up where I left off. I mean, social distancing and whatnot say that we have should stay in the house as much as possible until there is no trace of the coronavirus left. If you don’t believe me, maybe you will believe the stunning Shruti Haasan.

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Shruti Hassan took to Instagram recently to post a gorgeous picture of her from a photo shoot that took place before the lockdown. The caption of that post reads a message that each and every one of us needs to understand and follow. She talks about how even after the lockdown is lifted, we must not leave the house to go party and “squish” our friends. Sadly, she is absolutely right.

The caption read, “SELF ISOLATING SINCE 1986 one of my last shoots before lockdown – I do miss working with people and the energy of a movie set and the lovely vibe of a jam room but isolating is something we HAVE TO DO and when the lockdown eases it doesn’t mean you go out and throw a party and squish each other. PLEASE STAY HOME as much as you can. We are up against something unseen and it’s something we haven’t understood yet. So, we must not behave as Though we are invincible or can somehow negotiate with a virus!! This time can be used to talk with yourself and ask yourself the questions you’ve been avoiding and maybe find a way to find some new answers! ALSO, a time to have gratitude for what you do have, your food your friends your family and your comforts. Sending everyone lots of love and tons of good joo joo.”

Shruti has said something that all of us are thinking but no one has said it. Even if this lockdown is lifted tomorrow or 2 months from now, we immediately prance around hugging and kissing all our friends. We will have to watch our steps very carefully since it could be potentially dangerous for us and our friends as well.

It’s like Shruti has said, no matter how much we want to go back to work, meeting our friends and partying isolation is what we have to do right now. There is too much uncertainty which it ten times riskier to just act impulsively.

Let’s all pay heed to her advice and try and stay at home as much as possible.

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