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Shonali Bose’s The Sky Is Pink Is Inspired By A Real Life Story Of Aisha Chaudhary And It’s The Ray Of Sunshine You Need Today

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For a very long time, the list of my favorite 5 TV shows was topped by one and one tv show alone – Grey’s Anatomy. The one show that was heavy on  everything from drama to tragedy to romance, it took me on a roller coaster of emotions and I was always excited. And it wasn’t only that I enjoyed crying like a baby while watching the show, which had at least one person dying in every episode. It was also because in the wake of such tragedy, the emotions, the love and the care, found a very honest depiction and it is what kept me coming back to it season after season. Which is also the reason why when the trailer of the much hyped movie, The Sky Is Pink dropped, I was there before time.

The movie, that is a narration of the life of Priyanka Chopra and Farhan Akhtar’s characters through the lens of their daughter Aisha, is a romantic drama about her being born with a terminal illness called pulmonary fibrosis and fighting her way through it till the very end. Now, what seems like a compelling storyline otherwise, also happens to be based on a real-life  of a young girl who was born with the same condition.

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Inspired by the life of Aisha Chaudhary, The Sky Is Pink is a tale about family, love and an undying optimism to fight against all odds, like Aisha did. Aisha was born in 1996 with a Severe Combined Immuno-Deficiency, that led to her having her very first bone marrow transplant when she was only 6 months old. This was when her relationship with doctors and hospitals started and progressed – she was later diagnosed for Pulmonary Fibrosis that causes scarring and hardening of the lungs.

Struggling to breathe every day, Aisha had every reason to give up and spend the remaining days of her life in self pity and wallow. But, the young girl, a warrior and an extreme optimist, chose to be a source of extraordinary inspiration instead. From delivering powerful and motivational speeches to even becoming an author, Aisha stood strong in the face of tragedy, before she passed away at the age of 18.

During one such motivational talk, Aisha once said, “Happiness is a choice one makes. I can either choose to be happy and try to smile thorough all of my difficult times, or I can choose to be miserable. If I have to have pulmonary fibrosis, I choose to have a happy pulmonary fibrosis.”

We are glad, Shonali Bose chose to direct this movie, in honour of Aisha and her own son that she lost a few years ago due to illness. Through this, she gives people a medium to channel their grief for their loved ones they’ve lost, while helping others gain a new and more positive perspective of life. She said, “For me as a filmmaker I was drawn to it for precisely that reason. I wanted to delve into that subject matter. I myself was very comfortable with my son’s death; at peace with it. I wanted to explore the couple’s relationship. I wanted to explore what happens to a love story, to a marriage, when faced with the loss of a child. My own marriage ended when I lost my son. 80% of people’s marriages end when they lose a child.”

And perhaps that is the kind of a dialogue she wanted to open when she thought of making this movie. Rest assured, this story is all set to touch lives of many and we can’ wait for it to hit the theatres on 11th October.

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