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Sh*t People Say To Girls With Long Hair!

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We live in a society where among other things, something as trivial as an individual’s choice of hairstyle is judged. Now people do say that having long hair is elegant and feminine *rolls eyes*, but along with those compliments comes a long list of questions that basically make you wonder…what the hell does this society ACTUALLY want?

Longer than Rapunzel’s hair is the scroll of comments, queries, and highly redundant bullshit that almost every girl with long hair has to listen to…nay, tolerate. Although, we’d actually like to bitch-slap them with our beautifully long hair, we really can’t!

Check out our video on the sh*t people say to girls with luscious long hair and the lovely responses we’d love strike back with. Psst… the comments get a lot more stupid each time, don’t you agree?


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