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Shefali Jariwala, The Kaanta Laga Girl, Shares How Her Father Was Against Her Starring In The Song. So Glad It All Worked Out

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According to me, there are two ways to go about your professional life. One is by following the natural course of college, placements, job and a gradual succession, climbing the ladder slowly, while the other is by trying to score that one ‘big break’ into by doing something that is definitely not considered conventional. As someone who has done both, having turned from an auditor to a writer, I realise how life-changing and critical that one moment of opportunity can really be. As can Shefali Jariwala who recently recalled the time when she was offered to star in the music video of Kaanta Laga.

The ticket to Shefali’s rise in Bollywood, the 2002 hit song Kaanta Laga, was her claim to fame. A song that’s almost synomynous with a glittering g-string that caused quite an uproar in those days and a irreverent Shefali dressed in all black and with tattoos proving she’s a badass. In an interview with The Times of India, she shared how she was standing outside her college when the directors of the video Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru took notice of her and offered her the video.

However, coming from a family of academicians, she shared that her father was adamant in not letting her go through with this. Not willing to give up on her one in a million chance of taking up the offer and seeing herself on television, Shefali took a smarter approach in convincing her dad, and today we are glad she did, for we couldn’t have imagined anyone else doing what she did.

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She shared, “So first, I took my mom into confidence and then, we both convinced my father.” Further talking about why she wanted to do it, she said, “I was in college then and I come from a family of academicians, so my parents told me to focus on my studies. But I wanted to do it because I was getting paid for it. I earned Rs 7,000 from that song, and I wanted to see myself on TV.”

From then on, moving to reality shows like Nach baliye, Big Boss and then even movies in the south, Shefali became quite a rage in the industry. Till date she credits the song for her success in career and admits how, “It changed my life completely”.

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