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She Found Out Her Husband Had Another Wife And Two Kids Only After He Passed Away. That Is Awkward.

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All of us have secrets, things we don’t tell even our closest ones. We keep some things to ourselves, and mostly those are the things we either did wrong or we will be judged for. The hookup we aren’t proud of, that time when we compromised our self-respect to text an ex or that secret crush you have inspite of having a boyfriend. We keep our mouths and phones locked, but sometimes things have a way of revealing themselves.

I may sound like I am narrating an episode of Pretty Little Liars, but often people are hiding things that we couldn’t have guessed. Sometimes, you end up knowing a person after they die and feel like you didn’t know them at all when they were alive.

Cutting the mystery and getting to the point, a woman in Egypt found out that her husband had a second wife and two more kids, only after he passed away. He died from COVID-19 and when she went to the hospital to collect his body, his second wife was there too.

The second wife, a 32-year-old woman revealed that she had been married to him for several years and they even have two children. After discussing things, his first wife realised that he had been lying to her all these years and raising a second family under the pretext of travelling for work.

Soon after, the two women began to fight and the first wife refused to claim her husband’s body. “The game’s over, I couldn’t even look at him,” she was quoted saying by a few witnesses. I can’t imagine how shocking it must have been for her. First, she was dealing with the death of her husband. And now, with his lies and infidelity too. And she can’t even get a release of that anger and closure.

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Meanwhile, the second wife tested positive for coronavirus and got sent to an isolation hospital. The husband had shown pneumonia-like symptoms which is when he got tested for COVID-19 and his results came positive. His immunity weakened and other health conditions made things worse. With his death, a lot has been unleashed onto the family.

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