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Sharmin Segal’s Views On Weight Loss And Nepotism Are A Refreshing Change And We’re Here For It

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We hear this familiar narrative quite often these days… a young starlet losing oodles of weight before she joins the film industry. Then, almost by magic, all the images of her former fat self disappear from the internet. Sara Ali Khan spoke about losing weight for her debut. She once said in an interview, “We can talk about acceptance and equality, but you will not watch a movie with your lead heroine being 96 kilos.” Male actors aim at getting into crazy shapes to herald their launch in the entertainment industry. Six pack abs are the norm. But is that really the right approach for young debutantes? Sharmin Segal doesn’t think so.

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Sanjay Leela’s Bhansali’s niece Sharmin is all set to make her acting debut with Malaal. Her comments about body image in a recent interview for the film’s promotions caught our attention for all the right reasons!

When asked about if she felt the necessity to lose weight in order to take up acting, Sharmin flat out denied it. “No, I lost weight because I was unfit physically and was certainly not comfortable with my extra kilos. I strongly believe in feeling comfortable and embracing myself first, so that I can wear my confidence. If I make myself look and feel positive, the world will accept me with my unique quality. Happiness matters to me,” she elaborated.

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Sharmin is no stranger to the movie business. Having worked as an assistant for films like Mary Kom and Bajirao Mastani, the actress feels confident to finally step into the world of acting now. “I remember everyone was emotional after the screening of Devdas, people praised the film Black, and they were crying while watching the film. I was like, ‘What happened to them?’ I was around five years old then and had zero understanding of such intense cinema. But from the time I started developing an interest, my Sanjay uncle became Sanjay sir,” she revealed.

The actress also has strong views when she is hit with the hot topic in Bollywood right now… nepotism. Sharmin said, “I will not rely on my family name to get work, but only on talent and hard work. As far as I have observed, only talent and the liking of the audience can make me survive in Bollywood. From the beginning of my journey, I have been told not to rely on the relationship with Sanjay sir even to gain popularity, or to get photographed. I know that the comment on nepotism will come my way, but did I choose my family? We don’t, right? Therefore, I do not want to be judged on that. I would rather want people to praise and criticize me because of who I am on-screen. Having said that, of course, I will work hard to justify every opportunity that comes my way,”

Sharmin has been on our radar long before she was making smart and articulate comments about serious issues. The actress has been doing her promotional tour under the watchful eye of Ami Patel, who is the reason Alia Bhatt’s incredible styling. We are super excited to see more from her!


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