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Shakti Mohan Reminds Us That Fame Is More Than Just Being A Bollywood Star And We Agree With Her

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India is a country that runs majorly on or around one thing and that is ‘idol worship’. We, as a country, are born into a mindset of always looking up to an idol, be it of a God made out of clay or of stars that we see on the silver screen. There quite literally is nothing and no one else in between, and I guess we may have finally figured out the reason why. It’s because we have always been so smitten with the fame, power, and popularity of it all, that we fail to acknowledge any other industry or profession above it. But guess what, Bollywood is not always the endgame for everyone out there, and dancer and choreographer Shakti Mohan, might just be of the same view.

Shakti rose to fame with her impeccable dancing skills that were showcased on the dance reality show Dance India Dance. She stands as one of the most celebrated and talented choreographers in the industry today. Trained and honed in the art of not just dancing, but also leaving people smitten with her moves, and by the looks of it, by her words too now. And rightly so at that.

In a recent interview, the dancer was questioned about her future plans and if she ever sees herself entering Bollywood as an actress, Shakti came back with a reply that wasn’t just befitting but also held a mirror to the mentality people have about the entertainment industry. She said, “I find the question very offensive and insulting for a dancer. I have no interest to get into acting. Do we ask an actress who is a good dancer if she will make her debut as a choreographer? So, why ask such a question to us? Am I not good enough as a dancer to prove my creativity? I will not change my profession to earn money and become famous!”

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And we could cent percent relate to the sentiment with which she said all of that. The entertainment industry is an umbrella term that comprises of several kinds of professions. From comedians to dancers, to screenplay writers, to producers, and the like. But the overwhelming attention we are guilty of giving to actors and actresses has somewhat made it look as though it is the ultimate goal for anyone to have here. Once again, stereotyping the meaning and relevance of ‘fame’ and ‘success’ to just being a Bollywood star.

Differing on that popular opinion, and tastefully reminding everyone that not everyone in the entertainment and media industry yearns to become a movie star, Shakti Mohan was quick to defend her own line of work and the kind of accomplishment she feels without having the urge to make an appearance on the silver screen. In fact, even the appearances that she has made in movies like ABCD, have purely been driven by her desire to be associated with a dance project like that, and not for the greed of earning screen time.

We are glad that someone finally spelled it out for others, that Bollywood is most definitely not the endgame for everyone in this world. There are a million things that people would rather do, and be more successful, accomplished and content in life. And I think, it’s time we too, start to look beyond the star status of actors and actresses, to acknowledge how there are other meaningful things in life too. We need to do away with the mindset that fame is all about being associated to Bollywood alone because last we checked, we have a hundred other individuals, making global news and making us proud, without have to hail from the tinsel town!

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