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Shakti Kapoor Says He Won’t “Allow” Shraddha To Go Back To Work Yet. We Get The Concern But She’s An Adult

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Change has been the only thing constant this year, and at this point I can say this on behalf of the entire world. As we were duped into a year that has taken form of a bad director’s post-apocalyptic screenplay, it seems like it’s going to be a while before we’re able to come out of this super sad and unpredictable climax of a movie, that may have started as a thriller but is hurtling towards being a tragedy. And so, as we all sit at home assuming a role right out of this sort of surreal reality, it might happen that some of us take it a tad bit too far. Our parents, for instance.

Sitting guard on the main door, not letting anyone come in or anyone go out, as our fathers take on the role of a jailer, it looks like we may have been transported back to the time when we were still young and all our decisions would be taken by our parents. Not saying they still aren’t, but one would like to assume that we now have some autonomy. Or do we? The father of a star child from the industry made us question whether we really are seen as individuals as our parents. Shraddha Kapoor’s father, Shakti Kapoor, recently spoke about how he wouldn’t allow his daughter to go to work anytime soon.

While speaking about the pandemic and the impact of the Coronavirus on their lives to ET Times, Shakti Kapoor said, “I will not go out and work for now, nor will I allow my daughter Shraddha to resume work. I don’t think the threat is gone. I feel the worst is yet to come. I won’t let my children out for now. I know work is important but not at the cost of one’s life. It will be very chaotic if people start shooting now.”

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Now, at the first go, and in for many after, it reads like any concerned parent. Of course he is going to be worried.  To be completely honest here, my father has made a similar claim at the dinner table numerous times, especially now that the rules of lockdown are being eased. However, none of that concern makes it okay for anyone to think that they still can make their children’s decisions for them.

It’s not like we don’t agree with him on taking extra precautions while we can and minimise the risk by choosing to not step out, but it is the fact that the choice ultimately needs to be of Shraddha, who is 33 years old and capable of making sound decisions as an adult. As is everyone else, who is old enough to decide for themselves and can do without words like “allow” from their parents.

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Guess that is a problem with almost every Indian father out there, whose overwhelming care always comes at the cost of overwhelming control. However, it’s never too late to make amends and for once, “allow” your kids to act their age! As for the industry, despite the new guidelines issued by the Producers Guild in light of covid-19, shooting is yet to be resumed.

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