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Shahid Kapoor’s Snarky Comment To A Reporter Annoying Kiara With Kissing Questions Is So Fun!

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My first kiss was when I turned 18 years old. First boyfriend, first kiss and that was that. Since then, I’ve dated a few guys, broken up with all of them, and currently am in a very happy relationship with my smartphone. However, if someone still asks me about my first kiss, I am hesitant. First of all, why are you so curious? And secondly, why is this supposed to be public knowledge? Yes, I do have the option to not answer. No such luck when it comes to celebrities.

Kabir Singh’s trailer dropped not a few days ago, and while it left most of us, including me, a little scared and scarred, considering the overwhelming violence and intoxication, it left the others rather intrigued. What instigated this? You’d think that would be the question. Nope! The curiosity was less about the movie and its plot and more about how Kiara felt while kissing Shahid Kapoor in the role of Preeti.

A reporter decided to keep probing and poking his nose in to what certainly isn’t his business, repeatedly asking Kiara about the scenes. She gracefully ignored these for a while. But the reporter was relentless. At this point, Shahid took over to give it back to the reporter by saying, “Haven’t you had a girlfriend in a long time or what?”. That was a burn, ladies and gentlemen.

He further commented, “Let the kissing be. Ask about something else – people have acted also in the movie.” And there could have not been a more appropriate way of giving it back to this guy. We are surprised that Shahid didn’t run after him like his character Kabir did after his maid in the trailer, but even if he had, the reporter did need to fall in line. Also, we would have certainly enjoyed watching something like that.

That actors have to get intimate on screen isn’t really news but trying to rake up controversy when there is none, at the cost of common courtesy and decency is highly disrespectful. For the record, not all journalists are like that. Some of us do have better and bigger things to worry about than an on-screen kiss.


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