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Shahid Kapoor Says Mira Rajput Is Comfortable In Her Own Skin And Wasn’t Star Struck, Even In The Beginning. How?

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When you think of celebrity marriages, you always picture something out of a Bollywood movie. Fact is, there isn’t that much difference between a normal marriage and a celerity one. The only major difference is that they are constantly in the public eye and well non-celebrity couples aren’t (Thank God for that!) By that logic, one can only assume it might be difficult for a person with no connection to the industry to get married to one of the A-listers. The only point of reference we have to prove our hypotheses is Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput. But according to Shahid, Mira had no problem with the transition at all, we are a little surprised!

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Mira Rajput is a 25-year-old girl from Delhi who came into the limelight only after her nuptials to the Jab We Met actor Shahid Kapoor. They two got married in the year 2015 and have since then become one of Bollywood’s most sought after couples. They now have two gorgeous children together- Misha and Zain. When they announced their marriage, I couldn’t help but think that anyone suddenly thrown in the middle of the spotlight would get at least a little uneasy. But not Mira, she turned out to be a natural. That is what Shahid says he noticed about her first!

In an interview with HT, Shahid talks about Mira and how she never felt out of place not even at first. He said, “Yes, I realized it on the first day itself – when we got done with the marriage rituals and stepped out for some pictures. I remember looking at us together, and at that moment itself, I knew that she has her own individuality. Later too, when we came to Mumbai and hosted a small get-together for friends and some people from the [film] fraternity, she was extremely comfortable.” I can’t honestly say I would relate, lol. I would be kind of star struck.

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Adding to his earlier statement, Shahid also said, “I felt that when I noticed it for the first time itself because she is that kind of a person. People will get drawn to her and will be curious about her as she has that kind of personality. And that’s great, and I think it’s so good that she can do it confidently.”

I think that when you are married to one of the bigger names of Bollywood, you have to comfortable with the constant attention and the cameras and people closely scrutinising every aspect of your life. But it is great that Mira never let any of that get to her because anyone else in her place would’ve been highly uncomfortable with their lives suddenly being an open book for people to analyse and judge.

In the same interview, he was also asked what he liked about his wife the most. To which he answered that he admired her quality of always being comfortable in her own skin. He went on to say, “Mira doesn’t feel the need to change and adjust. She is who she is, and people like her for that. She has never tried to be someone else and that’s a great thing about her. I always knew that she is going to find her own space and will become her own person.” She does seem very self-confident. Of course, I don’t know her personally, but I assume she isn’t the kind of person that you can miss in a crowded room.

They really are couple goals, aren’t they?

Shahid, who is basking in the success of his latest movie Kabir Singh is currently busy in the preparations of his next project, the Hindi remake of the Tamil movie, Jersey.

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