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Sexual Assault Accused Out On Bail Molests Another Woman In An Autorickshaw

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The problem with our law and order system is, and mind you there are many, that it rarely ever promptly delivers. With a conviction rate that is lower than our standards right now, criminals are either not caught at all, or on the off chance that they are nabbed by the police, are let out due to pure negligence, the price of which once again is borne solely by women. As is what happened, not for the first time either, when a sexual assault accused was let out on bail, and he got out and molested a woman in an auto rickshaw.

A rather upsetting incident, this is where a sexual harassment accused was released on bail and he allegedly molested a woman in an autorickshaw with the help of his associate. The two have been identified by the police as Aniket Jaiswal and Suryakumar Rajbhar, of which the former was caught on charges of sexual assault last year.

Aniket Jaiswal who was allegedly accused of sexual assault last year under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act was arrested, but for reasons beyond our comprehension was let out on bail last year itself. Because according to our judiciary, a sexual perpetrator who could assault a minor once can, apparently, be of no further harm to the society or its women.

On March 7 as a woman awaited an autorickshaw for a ride home in the Gundavali area on the service road next to the western express highway in Andheri, she bumped into  Aniket Jaiswal. The accused stopped and offered the woman a ride on sharing basis, for his associate Rajbhar was already seated.

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The accused then switched seats with his accomplice and while Rajbhar was driving the vehicle, the accused molested the woman in the moving auto rickshaw, as reported by The Indian Express. 

Despite the victim trying to stop the assault and requesting Rajbhar to stop the vehicle, the accused forced himself on her. Ultimately to save herself from the sexual assault, the woman had to jump out of the moving vehicle, due to which she suffered minor injuries to her head and hands.

Rushing to the cops to report the matter, the victim then  lodged an FIR under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The senior police officer of Andheri police station, Vijay Belge, spoke on the matter and said, “She gave us a description of the accused, based on which we made a sketch. We also got leads by checking CCTV footage. Through our policy network and these two leads, we traced them. We will produce them before a magistrate tomorrow. ”

It is a shame that the law and order system would make such a grave error in judgement and let out a perpetrator out on bail, one who had already been accused of assaulting a woman before. The matter shed light on how casually the interests of women and their protection are taken by the force, for their actions let to the endangerment of yet another innocent victim.

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