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Sexist Rule Restricting The Movement Of Women Officers In The Army Is Finally Done Away With

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If you thought patriarchy was rampant and all-pervasive, that it’s cuts across categories, across class and across industries, you’d be absolutely right. You were expecting us to debunk that, weren’t you? It’s true though. Sexism is everywhere, no matter how much we choose to ignore it. And the phrase ‘equal opportunities’ while pleasing to the ear, it isn’t a reality. Perhaps the place with the most testosterone is the defense and if we are starting to witness a change there, then perhaps, the tide really is turning.

News is just in that women officers will now be eligible for permanent commissions in all branches of the army. The Defence Ministry of India will finally allow female officers permanent commission in all 10 branches of the army as opposed to the SSC (Short Service Commission) they offered previously. Okay, wait, what does this mean? Up until now, Short service commission allowed women to serve as officers in the Army, but it didn’t allow them to have ranks and titles. This also meant that women officers were allowed to serve only up to 14 years in the army. With permanent commissions coming in, women will be, like men, allowed to serve till the age of retirement.

However, it’s not like women weren’t conquering in this sector before. Women like Hina Jaiswal or Avani Chaturvedi have been pioneers, proving that women can do what men can.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his speech, on the occasion of the 72nd Independence Day had said, “I want to give a good news to our brave daughters. Women officers who have been appointed through the short service commission in the armed forces will get permanent commission through a transparent process. It is a gift for them.”

The ministry further commented, “In Indian Navy all non-sea going branches/cadre/specialisation have been opened for induction of women officers through Short Service Commission. In addition to education, law and naval constructor branch/cadre, women SSC officers have been made eligible for grant of permanent commission in the naval armament branch, at par with male officers.”


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