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Saudi Arabia Launched A Women’s Soccer Team. But They Also Banned A Female Rapper Recently. The Feminism Is Questionable

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Usually deciding how you feel about something comes easy, especially when you have enough evidence or incidents that corroborate how you feel about it. Take a boy for instance, judging whether he is the one or not is fairly easy depending on how he’s treated you, where his thinking lies or what your friends think of him. And more often than not, the cumulative information you get your hands on will fit in with what you believe. However, the trouble arises when the facts and the information you find out is contradictory. A feeling we are currently having, not for a boy, but for an entire nation, that of Saudi Arabia as it recently launched a soccer league for its women.

In what has come across as a grand gesture towards liberation Saudi Arabia has finally launched its first ever soccer league for its women. A huge step forward for a country where let alone teams, women weren’t even fully welcome to watch the sport.

This isn’t the first time that Saudi Arabia will be allowing its women to take part in public sports, for it agreed to send its female athletes to the 2012 Olympics after the ban for women wearing hijabs during sports was lifted. Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, the president of the Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA) gave a statement saying, “The commencement of the Saudi Women’s Football League is one more major leap forward for the future of our country, our health, our youth, and our ambitions to see every athlete be recognized and nurtured to their fullest capability.”

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Photo by @tasneemalsultan | “People always have an opinion or something to say, but my parents never used it as a reason to stop their daughters from pursuing an education or a career. Of course, one day I will want to marry, but I’ve not met the man I want to live the rest of my life with….Until then I shall continue studying law." Ghada was born and raised in Hail, graduated from Qassim University, and is currently applying to study for a masters degree in England. She is a part of a handful of women who were able to leave Hail to follow their passions and complete their education. A year ago she also co-founded a business for horseback riding. Follow my ongoing project #andthentherewerewomen while I follow Saudi women across the kingdom. #SaudiArabia

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In what seems like a leap forward towards feminism, the women’s league will consist of preliminary rounds that will determine regional champions, who will then be seen proceeding to a knockout stage and compete for the WFL Champions Cup. And while it seems like a great win and a step in the direction of change for the women of this male-dominated country, we are conflicted.

Don’t get us wrong here, we are ecstatic upon finding out how Saudi women have been granted another basic right they were earlier deprived of, but we can’t help but think of how it is the same country doing this, that only recently banned a female rapper for calling the women of the nation as powerful and beautiful. The hypocrisy makes us question the gesture and the timing of it, making it that much harder to believe in the intentions for the country.

From not being able to tolerate a rapper singing an utterly non-offensive song about the power of Saudi women, to having its men feel entitled enough to misbehave with women during concerts, no amount of gestures or lifting up bans would make any difference if all the country seeks to do is move one step forward and two steps back. Guess, this might be a good time to reevaluate their actions, and if equality is the direction they need to move in, they do it without being hypocrites or prejudiced.

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