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Sara Blakely’s Clapback To A Sexist Salesman Is Epic! We Love.

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You may not know Sara Blakely but you definitely know her brand – Spanx. The one product that has been a life-saver because you finally didn’t have to hold your stomach in, Spanx would do it for you. Over the weekend, Sara took to Instagram to share a story about her walking into a store in a bikini. Yes, you read that right. 

When a rather sexist salesman told Sara she could get a (hefty!) discount on a ring she wanted if she wore a bikini to the store, Sara did exactly that. She walked in and demanded the promised discount. And she got it. She wrote, ‘I’m betting the guy never blew off or dismissed another young female customer again,’ on the post. Something we are pretty sure will hold true for that guy for a long, long time. You go girl! 

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#TBT 1989 .. Im a freshman in college. It’s winter and I’m in the mall with my college buddies. We stop into a jewerly store. I see a ring i love … i ask the man behind the counter how much the ring is. He says “$120.” I say, “ Is there any room on the price? Does it ever go on sale?” He completely dismisses me and says, “only if you came in here in nothing but a bikini would i discount the price.” Then he turned to help someone else. I waited and said “how much would you discount it?” He said, “half off and laughed.” As we walked out I turned to my friends and said I’m coming back in a bikini. They thought i was joking, but the next day we piled into the only car any of us had and drove back to the mall. It was 27degrees. My friends and everyone in the mall had on ski jackets, sweaters, hats etc… I was wearing a long black coat, a scarf, a hat, a bikini, and jelly shoes (remember those:). As we approached the store in the only super crowded mall in our college town, I took off the winter stuff and walked into the store in nothing but a bikini. The guy was helping other customers but when he looked up and saw me, he lost all the color in his face. I said, “I’m here for my discount.” He froze. He literally did not know what to do. He finally said, “let me get my manager’.” After he explained to the manager what he said, the manager made him honor it. I got the ring for $60. I’m betting the guy never blew off or dismissed another young female customer again. And yup, I still have the ring. (Swipe to see). Hand is just older now, but I wear it from time to time to remind myself of the courage it took me as a freshman in a new college town to stand up for myself. It was terrifying and my heart was pounding, by the time I bought the ring a crowd had gathered outside the store confused and curious. My friends were in shock that i actually did it, but in the end we laughed uncontrollably, piled back in the car, and headed back to our dorm. #HappyEnding #IGotTheRing #1989 #KayJewelers #Gainesville #Fl #Courage #Entrepreneur

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