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Sara Ali Khan Put Out A Picture From When She Was Overweight And We Think It’s Amazing. No Other Actress Has Done This!

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When you look at stars in their sexy, glamorous avatars, we tend to forget that they might have once also been acne-prone or overweight. In fact, we see such perfection, we almost can’t accept imperfection- it makes us uncomfortable. But then there are stars who like keeping it real. The ones that are not afraid to put out a picture that isn’t the most flattering or show them in great light. But the sentiment is right and that’s exactly what Sara Ali Khan has done today. 

Sara has always been the honest and unaffected kind- a rare breed in this day and age of carefully curated personas. From sharing her starstruck side to openly talking about her weight struggles, we love how candid she is. And that love scaled higher particularly more after she posted a throwback picture of herself today on her IG account. The picture that the Siimba star shared was of her posing with her mother, Amrita Singh, from a time way before she entered tinsel town and had more pounds on than she does now. She captioned it, “Throw? to when I couldn’t be thrown?☠️?????????↩️ #beautyinblack

Now, almost everyone has had a before-after story when it comes to entering Bollywood. From Kareena Kapoor to Sonam Kapoor to even Arjun Kapoor, all have had shed oodles of weight before making their debut but it’s a fact so well hidden, that even a Google search only has a few images of their former, chubbier versions. In fact, there are several actors whose younger photos are no where to be found. And it more than being strange feels carefully planned but definitely unreal. Most celebrities choose to hide their older and non-glamorous selves after raking in all the fame and popularity.

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But not our Sara here. She has always been extremely vocal about her weight loss journey, ever since her first TV appearance on Koffee with Karan and never shied away from who she was. And she has clearly done it again with this cute as a button Instagram post, that is giving us all major inspiration. Not just giving us the right kind of motivation but also allowing us to be more forgiving and confident towards ourselves. Way to go Sara, this is exactly the kind of a woman we’d like to look up to!

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