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Sara Ali Khan On Being Trolled, Says “For The First Time, It Actually Kind Of Hurts.” We Love Her Honesty But She Will Have To Toughen Up

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Earlier, everyone used to either get into IT, Finance or medicine. But recently, India has seen a spike in new career choices that are no longer considered offbeat. You can take any skill you have and make a career out of it, that is, if you know how it’s done. But lately, there’s been an upsurge in a new activity, unheard of till now, so much that I feel it can easily pass off as an alternate vocation. Trolling. The number of people that just twiddle their thumbs, waiting for celebrities to make one mistake, is huge. They troll them left, right and centre to give their own lives a sense of purpose and celebrities have learnt to pay little heed to that kind of deleterious attention. In fact, all the celebs respond saying that none of this affects them. Which makes me wonder, how do they pull that off? I mean, it’s really great that they can…but doesn’t it hurt them just a little? Or have they mastered the art of not letting the world see their vulnerable side?

Newbie Sara Ali Khan, however has never been the one to camouflage her feelings or thoughts. Recently, when she was trolled for a particular scene in Love Aaj Kal, she unhesitatingly revealed that it did hurt her feelings. Okay, first things first, you do know which scene I am talking about, right? Yup, it’s the one in which she goes on like, “Tum mujhe tang karne lagey ho…

People made fun of her expression in this shot and trolled her for overacting in it. “I don’t mind being trolled for being fat. I don’t mind if you troll me for wearing a cap. But I am here to act. That is my job. That is my profession. That is serious. So, when I am trolled for that, suddenly, with all the confidence still intact, it is harder for me to sit there and say ignore the trolls,” Sara rold Film Companion. She further admitted, “For the first time, it actually kind of hurts. It hit me.”

Several memes were made on this shot and I understand that constructive criticism is good, but not trolling. Explaining how the scene was rather organic, Sara said, “We were not allowed to see the monitor. So, I had no idea what it was looking like. I’ve spoken to Imtiaz sir about this and what’s also happened is the fact that I don’t look good in that. When it comes to trolling for overacting, I’ll be honest with you… not only was I acutely aware of what my character had to feel, but Imtiaz sir [also] made me feel exactly what Zoe had to feel at that point of time.” Okay, leaving all that trolling aside, the fact is that the scene didn’t come out well. Maybe she should take that as a feedback but not let the trolling get to her.

She further added, “That was not a ham shot on our part. I was really crying. I felt like how Zoe would have been feeling at that moment in time. I did what came to me organically at that point in time.” Maybe she would naturally behave that way in real life but most of us can’t relate to it and at the end, it’s for the audience to like and connect to. It will help her if she is able to at least accept the shortcomings (the trolling isn’t justified though!)

Sara Ali Khan also completely missed the point and is of the opinion that it’s probably because of how she looked in the scene. “It is not a pretty shot. It is the archetype of the heroine ki rote waqt, marte waqt, khaate waqt… kuch bhi karo, aapko achha lagna chahiye.” Umm, no you look fine; it’s the way you acted, Sara! She did conclude saying that she has a long way to go and she is learning. It’s nice that she is so raw and real about her feelings but she must also take things with a pinch of salt.

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It’s just human for it to prick a little when you’re criticised for your work. I remember, when I had just started, my then editor criticised a piece of my writing using really blunt words. I went to the washroom and cried. I knew it was just feedback but I wept because it hurt me. Our feelings are fragile when connected to something we worked hard on. But at the end of the day, to upgrade yourself, you have to embrace these pointers. Trolling, not so much.

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