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5 Times Sara Ali Khan Proved She Was Just Like Us

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It’s been a busy end of the year for all us. The many, many weddings, the receptions and so much more. In the midst of all this, a star kid made an appearance on the horizon. They are dime a dozen, you think. But this one, she’s a little different. She’s sassy, smart and we are loving her already. And she’s only a movie old. Yes, we are talking about Sara Ali Khan. She has been giving  other celebrities a run for their money by how eloquently she takes over a conversation.

The 23-year-old, is surprisingly very well versed in sassy and smart comebacks and we can’t get over the ease with which she presents herself. Here have a look for yourself.


When She Shut Down Comments About Education Being Unimportant

On the Rajiv Masand show, when Sara Ali Khan was cornered around the topic of her education getting wasted, she stood her ground and confidently remarked, “It makes you the person you are, how can that be a waste?” stressing on how important her education was in her life. You nailed that girl!


When She Said Family Was Important

Her appearance on Bigg Boss won her brownie points,  her cheeky replies were both adorable and quick-witted. Especially when she was asked to choose between her father and Varun Dhawan, and she light-heartedly replied how it was because of her father she was standing there and she’d always pick him, even over Shah Rukh khan!


When She Was Candid About Her Relationship With Bebo

Karan Johar recently hosted Saif and daughter Sara Ali Khan on his chat show – Koffee with Karan- where she was caught giving quirky and candid replies. Especially the time when she was asked about her relationship with Bebo, and she jocularly commented how Kareena would have a heart attack if she’d ever address her as ‘Choti Maa‘ . Because who can think of Bebo as a mom, anyway?


When She Was Brutally Honest About Her Weight

Sara Ali Khan gave a tremendous interview on BBC, which was actually her first ever one-on-one interview, where her articulate and composed answers won us all over. When asked about if she felt empowered now after losing weight, she gave an ingenious and rather honest answer that had us all applauding at home while we watched.


When She Candidly Admitted To Needing Education To Be Grounded

On an interview with Anupama Chopra, Sara Ali khan intelligently defended her education and its role in her life by stating, “If I want to make a mark in this world, it is of extreme importance to have a sound understanding of who you are, because you can forget. You can be made to forget.” Reinstating the fact that despite the general belief that a star kids’ education is a waste, could be just an assumption.


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