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Sara Ali Khan Criticised For Entering A Hindu Temple While Being A “Non-Hindu”. Coronavirus Is Uniting Everyone Except Us

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I always thought that when the world ended it would come with a bang. I always pictured it like an asteroid hitting us and making the whole world go kaboom. Okay, don’t judge me I don’t usually sit around picturing how the world is going end. But, at some point or another, we have all thought about it, haven’t we? I never thought our lives would all be endangered because of a deadly virus that would wreak havoc upon our world. I should’ve though.

But here’s the thing, though it feels that way, our world might not end. Wuhan, the former epicenter of the coronavirus has reported no new cases and I am sure the people in Italy and all the other hundred and nine countries will be fine too. Maybe that is just my optimism talking, but I do believe that.

Though it doesn’t mean that we just let go of all precautionary methods and resume our lives. If anything, we need to be extra careful now. Especially in India because if we are lax about this, the virus will spread here like wildfire. Think about it, a month ago we had reported maybe one or two coronavirus cases and today we have 180 active cases with the number increasing every hour.

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It is scary, but now is the time to sanitize and stay at home. Reconnect with your family if you must but don’t go gallivanting around and especially not to crowded places. Let me give you an example of what you mustn’t be doing. Sara Ali Khan was just spotted vacationing in Varanasi; you mustn’t be like Sara. Travelling anywhere in this atmosphere could be potentially dangerous to you and to everyone around you. Sara should’ve known better than to roam around the streets of Varanasi at this time. But this is not the only thing about her trip that subjected her to criticism.

While in Varanasi, she not only roamed around the small lanes to shop but she also visited the Kashi Viswanath Temple. Though it is one of the most famous temples in our country and a major tourist spot, Sara wasn’t welcome there. The Kashi Vikas Samiti raised an objection to her visit as she is a “non-Hindu” and only Hindus are allowed to enter the temple.

Chandra Shekhar Kapoor, the secretary of the Samiti, said, “The actor’s visit to the temple is against traditions and established norms. It also raises questions on the security of the temple when there is a signboard clearly stating that the entry of ”non-Hindus” is prohibited.”

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You know it’s things like this that really piss me off. How does it matter whether she is Hindu or Muslim? All she went there to do is pray and probably get in touch with her spiritual side . And in these times, when all our energy should be spent towards making Corona go away, why is this even a thing? I understand that this has been the law of the temple since it was built in 1780. But you know what? We don’t live in 1780 anymore. The world has moved past all these things and it is high time we do too. But, no matter how much we try to broaden their minds, it is going to take decades before they even listen to us and that sucks.

As it turns out, not just the Samiti but also the local priests of Varanasi were enraged with Sara for entering the temple. Rakesh Mishra, a priest said “Though we appreciate her interest in the Hindu religion but the fact remains that she is a Muslim and should not have participated in the rituals. For her, all this could be ”interesting and exciting” but for us, it is a matter of religious piety.” He also said that since Sara would be known by her father’s religion which as we all know is Islam.

On one side, the whole world is coming together to fight a deadly threat that has endangered all of mankind and on the other side, these priests are fighting about the fact that a Muslim woman entered a Hindu temple. I just don’t think this age-old issue can take priority over the COVID 19 virus.

That is what we should be uniting against, not fighting amongst ourselves.

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