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Sanna Marin Steps Aside As A 16-Year-Old Girl Becomes Finland’s PM For A Day. This Is Part Of An Initiative To Fight The Gender Gap And We Love It

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If you’ve been following Hauterfly, you know that a few days ago we spoke about how the UP government led by Yogi Adityanath was making empty promises about boosting women’s security in the state. In the wake of the Hathras rape, you would expect the officials to take action instead of standing around making more promises they won’t keep. Don’t you think our country needs a government that is going to work towards important and sensitive objectives like boosting women’s safety or closing the gender gap? A lot of other countries are actually taking the necessary steps instead of just talking about them. Take the government of Finland of instance. In an attempt to fight the gender gap PM Sanna Marin (my hero!), stepped aside for a day and let a 16-year-old activist take her place and prime minister. This was part of the Girls Takeover initiative to fight the gender gap. 

Anyway, let me tell you more about the unique initiative. Aava Murto was sworn in as Finland’s PM for a day. The 16-year-old girl actively campaigns on climate and human rights issues. On the day she was PM, she met all the important politicians on the country and talked about women’s rights in technology. 

You see, this is the fourth year that Finland has participated in the humanitarian organisation Plan International’s “Girls Takeover” initiative. This allows teenagers from around the world to step into the shoes of world leaders for a day. This year’s objective was promoting digital skills and technological opportunities for girls. And countries like Kenya, Peru and Sudan held their own swaps. 

It’s a brilliant initiative that will give rise to women leaders and hence closing the gender gap at the topmost level. The world could use a lot more women like Sanna Marin. 

In her speech, Aava talked about gender equality and women’s rights in the technology. She said, “It is a pleasure to be speaking here before you today – although, in a way, I wish that I did not have to stand here, that campaigns like the Girls’ Takeover were no longer necessary. However, the truth is that we have not yet achieved gender equality – not anywhere on earth. Although we have accomplished a great lot of good in this area, there is still much work that needs to be done.” 

I could not agree with her more. Gender equality is a hot topic right now and though I wish it continues to be, I think it’s time we use let our actions speak for us. Eradicating gender bias is not an easy job that will happen overnight. It’s a long and tedious process. And it’s initiatives like these that make our objective not only a little more fun but also achievable. 

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Before the Aava took the stage, Sanna Marin addressed the event and stressed the importance of ensuring technologies are made “accessible to everyone”. She said, “They must not deepen the digital divide between countries or within societies.” 

For all those who don’t know, Sanna Marin is the youngest Prime Minister in the world at the age of 34. She was sworn in last year and she leads a centre-left coalition with four other parties – all headed by women, three of whom are under 35. Now, do you see why Finland is my dream country to live in? It’s making great progress when it comes to gender equality and women’s rights. And of course, the scenic beauty is just an added benefit. 

I believe that having a female Prime Minister is beneficial because it means that issues like women’s rights or the gender gap, that are generally overshadowed in other countries, get more priority. They become the key focus and that is exactly what the world needs right now. A lot of countries, including India, need initiatives like Girl’s Takeover to fight the rapidly growing gender gap.

Finland Has A 34-Year-Old, Female PM In Sanna Marin. It’s Making Us Want To Move There!


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