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Sanitation Inspector In Rajasthan Thrashed With Chappals By Women Staff Members After He Sought Sexual Favours To Grant Them Leave

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Nearly every day I come across incidents where men in power try desperately to take advantage of the women working for them. Unfortunately, most of them succeed. They are even able to use their authority to bend the rules and get away with their perverted behaviour. However, I am happy to report that that’s not what happened in the incident we are talking about today. You see, the women staff of the Jodhpur Municipal Corporation beat up a sanitation inspector after he tried seeking sexual favours from one of them in exchange for granting her leaves. They say karma comes to bite you in the ass but it ain’t got anything on a group of scorned women. 

A woman staff member of the Jodhpur Municipal Corporation sought permission for leave from sanitation inspector, Dharmendra Gehlot. She wanted to go visit her brother who was admitted in the ICU. The inspector reportedly told the woman that if she were to agree to his “conditions”, not only would he grant her the leave but also provide her with money for her brother’s treatment. 

Needless to say, the woman declined his proposition and hung up on him. She told him to mark her absent for that particular day. Her brother died later that very same day. After this, she told her fellow women staff about Gehlot’s inappropriate behaviour. All of them then gathered outside and beat him up with slippers. 

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An audio clip of the inspector asking this woman staffer for sexual favours in exchange of leaves and money has also gone viral. In the tape, he can be heard forcing the woman to have “relations” with him. Responding to this and the thrashing Gehlot received, the Jodhpur Municipal Corporation has suspended him and there’s also a police complaint against him. 

Jodhpur (north) Mayor Kunti Deora said that strict action will be taken against the inspector if he is found guilty. He said, “The incident has come to my notice just now. We will take strict action against the culprit and a thorough probe will be conducted in this regard. The municipal corporation will not tolerate any misbehaviour with women workers.” 

While I hope that action is actually taken against this perverted inspector, the fact that the women staff members got together to thrash him really has me grinning. I am not usually one to support violence but this man had it coming. I will never understand why men in authority positions assume they own the women working for them and hence can be as inappropriate as they like. It’s a messed up mentality and I am glad the women of the Jodhpur Municipal Corporation weren’t standing for it.

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