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Sania Mirza Shared Secrets To Her Weight Loss And It Is Just The Kind Of Motivation You Need

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They say, the hardest thing that any woman ever has to do is to give birth to a child. And while I cannot relate, for I have never delivered a baby, I will believe it without any raised brows. Especially because pregnancy isn’t just about giving birth but also about what comes after, and that is the strenuous journey to going back to your fit and healthy self. Something that ace tennis player, Sania Mirza has managed to do pretty well, with her Instagram account being motivational proof.

The tennis prodigy, who gave birth to a baby boy, Izhaan, last year in October, had been basking in a motherly bliss ever since she welcomed this cute new addition into her family. Taking it slow, Sania ensured she was going at her own pace when it comes to losing weight post-pregnancy, and has always been clear about getting her priorities right with issues related to her health and her child. A fact that we’ve always appreciated about the woman who didn’t feel the rush to lose pounds despite all the pressures that come with being a celebrity mom.

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Recently posting a video on her Instagram, Sania Mirza opened about her struggles with post-pregnancy weight loss and shared some secrets that could come handy to anyone who is soon to be expecting, or is already in their post-pregnancy phase. The two videos show just how hard the player has worked on her body and how dedicated she has been throughout the process. In the captions, she talked about how she lost 26 kilos in a span of 4 months, but started only after 2 and a half months of her delivery.

She wrote, “We had documented little ‘tid bits from my post pregnancy journey back to being and feeling healthy and fit again .. I’ve been asked bout my ‘weight loss’ journey sooo many times .. how? When? Which? Where ? So I’ll try to post some of it here everyday or every few days .. I put on 23 kilos when I was pregnant and have managed to lose 26 in span of 4 months or so .. with a lot of hard work ,discipline and dedication .. I read msgs from women allll the time as to how they find it so difficult to come back to ‘normalcy’ after child birth and don’t take care of themselves or don’t find the motivation or inspiration .. Ladies, I just wanna say … if I can do it then anyone else can too .. believe me that one hour or 2 hours a day to yourself will do wonders to you physically but sooo much mentally as well ..remember – #Mummahustles. Ps- this is me after losing a bit of weight already after Izhaan was born .. roughly 2 and a half half months after I delivered.” Just the kind of inspiration one would need to get back into the game.

She further, posted another video, calling it her ‘Day 2’, from the time she had started to work out again and captioned it, “Day 2- it was one of the toughest days to get myself to go to the gym I remember , sore body ,tiredness, sleepless nights with the new baby – after day 1 of such rigorous work out,my body wanted to give up and accept that it may never respond to exercise the same way as before .. that maybe I won’t be able to come back to being close to as fit as I used to be .. it was my mind that kept me going .. my jumps could get higher,my technique could get better ,my stamina could get better .. but it doesn’t happen over night !It is a process and once we accept that nothing can hold us back.” 

From talking about how natural it is to feel your body lose that rhythm, to stressing on the fact that it’s all ultimately in control of your mind, Sania Mirza’s post definitely resonates with every mother out there, who deals the same struggles. Sania credited her weight loss to discipline, hard-work and a strong will. Being a mother it gets important to take care of yourself to be able to take care of your little one, and it is critical to do it right.  Safe to say, young mothers would now have some expert advice to look froward to, coming from their favorite player!

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