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Sania Mirza Dismisses World Cup Ads From Both India And Pakistan. We Think The Abinandan Ad Was More Inappropriate

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To quote a cliche, cricket is not just a sport in this country, it is a religion. So naturally, when the world cup season descended this time around, the hype was mad. Also because our team is looking solid.  And while we may be viewing all the matches everyday and even getting off work early to attend screenings with friends, there is one match in particular that people are desperately waiting for – The India Pakistan clash on 16th June. Because we may subscribe to the love thy neighbour and all philosophy all bets are off when it comes to this epic match.

And while India and Pakistan have been trying to keep it clean, one did slip through the cracks. A distasteful ad featuring a Abhinandan look-alike was released in Pakistan and the internet was up in arms, rightfully so. It was tacky and shouldn’t have been released.

Sania Mirza, in what seems like a very strong emotion, expressed her disgust at the kind of advertisements that have been going live from both sides in light of the anticipated India Pakistan match. She took to twitter as she wrote, “Cringeworthy ads on both sides of the border?? seriously guys, you don’t need to ‘hype up’ or market the match anymore specially with rubbish! it has ENOUGH attention already! It’s only cricket for God sake, and if you think it’s anymore than that then get a grip or get a life!! (sic)”

The tension between the two countries has never really been relieved, but every time around the world cup, we hope to see the two teams play against each other, in a friendly spirit. So of course big brands take this mauka to create spoofs and jingle-like advertisements for promotions, the kind that we honestly have come to enjoy at this point. Just so you know, there have been a series of ads for every clash and each have been in good spirit, like this one.

While we aren’t claiming India is entirely innocent (can one party truly be?), the Abinandan ad was a little more problematic. Especially because the issue is sensitive. But we do agree with Sania Mirza, let’s just back off.  What should be a game is turning into a political vendetta and no we do not stand with it.

While no sport can ease the political tension, we hope that the clash on the 16th is taken as just that, a game. One that must have a winner and a loser, that is, if the rains decide to not play spoilsport.  Be it Malala’s fun and games tweet stating how pakistan finished ahead of India in the opening ceremony, or advertisements on both ends, there could be a better time, place or occasion for it and this is clearly not it. People need to realise that it may just spark a fire that the nations have been trying to avoid. Cricket is a gentleman’s game, can we please leave it at that?


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