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Sameera Reddy’s Godh Bharai Photos Prove She Has The Sweetest Mother-In-Law Of All!

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When someone we know is pregnant, we get all excited as start showering that person a lot of attention. And it’s not just because pregnant women and babies are so damn cute. Yes, that too but also because pregnancy isn’t easy and a little nurturing goes a long way. Sameera Reddy who is expecting her second child took to Instagram to share a sneak peek into her godh bharai aka baby shower! She looked stunning in a traditional silk saree while hubby Akshai Varde wore a white kurta.

You can see the adorbs couple elated and in complete bliss. She captioned the picture: “Hearty laughter and inner smiles is enough to keep me happy for a lifetime! My Godh Bharai bliss.” Sameera uploaded a lot of stories too, giving us a glimpse of the cute godh bharai she had. In a video, you can see the glowing mom-to-be laughing away with her mother and mother-in-law. Both of them seem to be showering their attention and affection on Sameera and it’s exactly what the beautiful lady deserves! Reddy also went on to share a couple of pictures of a set of copper crockery, gifted to her by her very cool MIL. We mean, adopt us, please?

However, Sameera Reddy’s previous pregnancy wasn’t as blissful as the second one. Recently in an interview with IANS, Sameera opened up about how she was falling apart when she was preggers with her son Hans. “It was the worst case scenario of what I could’ve imagined in terms of my body and the way I fell apart as a person because the pregnancy was very tough for me,” she said.

Reddy faced a lot complications in her pregnancy and ended up gaining weight, which further stressed her! “I just started putting on weight and falling into some kind of place in my head because it went from shows, award functions and a glamorous lifestyle to just not being able to handle what pregnancy was doing to me,” she said. She revealed that people were constantly body-shaming her and making comments about her weight gain. “From being that ‘sexy Sam’, I went to this. I put on 32 kg and couldn’t recognise myself. I was a complete mess. I would leave the house and they said, ‘Is this Sameera Reddy? What happened to her?’ That pushed me into a further hole,” expressed Reddy.

We don’t understand why are people so critical about public figures? The woman was pregnant, and it’s not like she ate her way to an extra 32 kgs! Guess what, even if she had done that, we don’t understand how it is a matter of public concern. When will we stop judging a woman’s body?

Sameera Reddy had to go through therapy to heal from all that mental and emotional stress. Thankfully, she is in a much better space with her current pregnancy.


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