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Updated: Sameera Reddy Says She Was Misquoted, Actually Wanted Her Baby To Get Her Skin Colour

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Back in the day, when a kid was born, there were different kinds of things a parent would share about the baby with their family and friends. It’s a boy, it’s a girl, we’re just glad it’s a human. Her hair is black, she has no hair at all. He looks so much like his dad. 10 fingers and 10 toes. Black eyes. Blue eyes. Brown eyes. But guess we’ve been missing out on giving or perhaps receiving the most vital information, because Sameera Reddy is of a slightly different opinion when it comes down to sharing baby facts with the world.  And while we had said something earlier, she did mention she was misquoted. And we stand corrected. 

Mother to a newborn girl now, Sameera Reddy had a healthy delivery and while announcing this good news to the people, the actress may have gone the extra step to share something we’re not sure what to do with. The actress said , “She hasn’t come out dusky like me. She is fair and lovely.”

However, here’s an update, the actress did not say anything of the sort. In fact, she said something quite contrary, and she messaged us on Instagram to clarify. She was misquoted. She said, “I wish she had my dusky skin.”

Over the course of the day, we have been debating why an actress who we have been loving and who has redefined pregnancy goals for us would say something like this and it turns out, the publication had misquoted her.

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All those beautiful campaigns that the actress has been doing before delivering had us applauding- here was a woman confident in her body and okay with flaunting her pregnancy bump.  Yes, the world is a cruel place and is sadly, more so for dark-skinned people than the rest, but considering being dusky hasn’t had a bearing on the actress or her success, we were checking the story to see if she had said something to this effect. And she hadn’t!

And we do understand that the actress just gave birth to a child, and that she is entitled to sharing and talking about what she likes about her child. 

We had earlier written about how “We sincerely do hope that this was a lost in translation kind of situation or something else, because every colour, hell every child, is beautiful however they are and so is Sameera’s little girl. Regardless her complexion, of course. Can we have that fierce, don’t give a damn kinda Sameera back please? “

And now it turns out, we do!

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