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Salman Khan Said He Finds Some Of His Films Cringe-Worthy. We Can’t Help But Agree.

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When it comes to some people, I find it very difficult to be openly critical about them. If an acquaintance will ask me for feedback on something, I won’t be able to give her criticism even if it’s constructive. The reason being a lot of people get butt hurt when they hear something they don’t like. But I love those friends who are sporty enough to not only take feedback but also criticise themselves objectively. Like at times, when I end up taking style advice from my mom who finds her daughter cute in anything. I know am looking like a clown (maybe a sexy one!) but I wanted to make her happy so I went ahead with her choice anyway. So when Salman Khan said that he cringes at his own work sometimes, I went like woohoo! I mean, not like I don’t criticise his work but it’s good to hear it from him.

Salman said, “Sometimes I do cringe at my own work and it is a good sign. Every last film of mine I watch I say, ‘What rubbish was that’ because only then can you grow and work harder.” At this point, you heard it from the horse’s mouth! I feel that way about several of his movies but I am pretty sure he doesn’t feel that way about the same ones. Why else would he make Dabangg 3?

He further added, “You cannot be praising yourself, other people have to praise you and after a while, you are supposed to stop listening to those praises. You cannot get carried away by the praises.” I wish he had stopped a while ago, especially after he did a film as sexist as No Entry. Or maybe even before that at Biwi No. 1 or Judwa. Omg, how can I forget the consent-violating movie Tere Naam? He has a list of those!

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In an interview when he was asked about the thought process behind Dabangg 3, he said, “There was no thought process in this one. Thoughts just kept on flowing in. That is how this one was done. We brothers were sitting and chilling and we just thought that we should do ‘Dabangg’. How we should do ‘Dabangg’? We should get into New York, we should get into these places, I said no yaar. I said we should show how he became ‘Chulbul Pandey’. And that’s how it started falling in place. That’s how we started working on it. This is a very organic one for us. Very organic one! Because of the way one and two were written, it was easy for us to continue.” Well, I agree with that description too. But, on the other hand I would really appreciate it if they would stop making more of Dabangg’s because that’s no less cringe-worthy than his older movies.

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