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Salman Khan Humiliating Mahira Sharma In Bigg Boss 13 Proves It’s Not A Place For Dignity Afterall

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Usually, I don’t agree with Salman’s perspective but after all that’s happening in Bigg Boss 13, I agree on one thing that he said! He told Koena Mitra this is not a place for dignity and for the first time he spoke something I agree with for once. Every other weekend, some controversy or the other pops up and there’s mudslinging among the contestants. I personally find this show to be the Indian version of Gossip Girls, just worse and with men. Salman Khan, instead of being the bigger person (no, not because of his age) behaves like a dimwit himself. The netizens have been busy slamming him for his side-taking and this time so much that he is trending on Twitter! To which, surprisingly Rangoli Chandel has not said a word about.

For the uninitiated, Siddharth Shukla and Mahira Sharma got into a tiff because, during a task, she got injured because of him. She accused him of being aggressive towards her and well, he was! So here’s what happened. They were both tugging at a sack (where they put their dignity in) and he pulled it with full force which made Mahira suffer a big fall! He defended himself by saying that he was just doing the “task”. Now I understand that it wasn’t intentional but when you can’t use your physical strength against a woman who doesn’t have the muscle strength like you do. That’s just basic courtesy, which shouldn’t be lost, task or no task.

I also understand that Mahira felt like a victim because she wasn’t expecting him to break that code of conduct. This is a tiff that could have simply ended if Shukla would have apologised like a gentleman but that’s too much to expect in Bigg Boss house or just some men in general. Especially if the host, Salman Khan actually supports such rowdy behaviour. Instead of encouraging chivalry, during this Weekend Ka Vaar he scolded Mahira for even attempting to give a fight in the task. I mean, firstly it’s unfair to have such tasks that are gender-biased. Secondly, Salman asking a woman to back off instead of schooling the man to maintain dignity is downright disgusting and a thorough example of a misogynistic mindset. But that’s what you’d expect from Salman! When Mahira broke down, he got angrier and asked her to stop the drama. He spent the rest of the time putting Siddharth Shukla on a pedestial and saying that it’s him who runs the show. The fact that everyone has a problem with him seems lost on him.

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Earlier, Devoleena Bhattacharjee too complained of Shukla being too touchy during a task. It seems like someone needs a lesson on how to behave with women but Bigg Boss is not a place for that. So Salman was right after all!

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