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Salman Khan Gets Into An Argument With A Photographer And Asks Them To Ban Him Too. Was This A Dig At The Media After The Kangana Incident?

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You know they say every wedding is incomplete without that ‘Rail gaddi‘ song playing at least once, with a drunk and over enthusiastic chachaji taking the lead of the group? Now it feels like every media event in the country is also incomplete without one or the other controversy cropping up, involving the paps and the celebrities. Especially if the celebrity in question is our very own, Bhai of Bollywood, Salman Khan and the event is as big and hyped as the new and upcoming season of Big Boss.

For the uninitiated, Salman Khan recently launched the new and 13th season of Big Boss at the Andheri Metro station in Mumbai and as expected, it was a larger than life event, with a tremendous turnout. From crazy Salman fans to the PR to an entire mob of photographers and journalists, it was a full house at the launch. But what had everyone’s attention was when during the promotions, Salman Khan got into an argument with a photographer, who was apparently not making it easy for the actor to smoothly host and pose for pictures.

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The video that has now gone viral, shows the Dabangg star losing his calm over the photographers’ demeanour and saying, “If you have a problem with me, ban me.” Which, if we are being honest seemed like a pretty apparent dig at the media. Because as it turns out, these were some of the same words that were used for another Bollywood celebrity – Kangana Ranaut. Not so long ago, when she was embroiled in a controversy , the media threatened to ban her for her seemingly inappropriate behaviour.

The debacle went on for days. Several journalists heckled and called for her ban, a film body actually did do that and in a very funny irony, this ended up garnering her massive amounts of media exposure and coverage. And we have a feeling, that when Salman Khan, after clearly asking the photographer in the video to not create a ruckus, advised the guy to ban him instead, he was taking a not so subtle dig at the media people, who have proven to be rather fragile in these past few months.

And we do perhaps see where it is stemming from, because the media too has been party in often blowing things out of proportion to get a good media byte off of it. And the actor could be seen calling out on just the kind of nuisance, with perhaps a surprising dollop of quick wit and sass. Of course, the actor is widely known for his short temper and a passive aggressive streak, but we were glad only metaphorical shots were fired this time around. Meanwhile, the 13th season of reality show Big Boss has been launched and will premiere on TV on 29th September.

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